Fannie Lubritsky





Fannie acted in children's roles in America with David Kessler in Gordin's repertoire.  She acted with Kessler at his Second Avenue Theatre in New York City in the second decade of the twentieth century. The first important role she played in was in "Blind Jealousy" in the year 1912, and since then she went on to play young dramatic roles.

In 1919, for the first time, she performed as the soubrette in the Bader-Rumshinsky production of "The Rabbi's Song" in the Second Avenue Theatre in Manhattan. She played at the National Theatre from 1927-1928, at the Public Theatre from 1929-1930, and in the Folks Theatre in the summer of 1930. She also guest-starred in London and Warsaw with Satz. In 1930-1931, she was with Gabel in Boston and later in Philadelphia's Arch Street Theatre (Director: Anshel Schorr). From 1931-1932 she was at the Rolland Theatre, and from 1932-1933 at the Bronx's Prospect Theatre (Director: Jennie Goldstein).

Fannie went on to have a long and illustrious career. She passed away on October 7, 1977.


Fanny Lubritsky







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