Goldie Lubritsky




Goldie was born in Whitechapel, London, England. Her father was a prompter in a Yiddish theatre.

She studied at school until the age of eight after which she began to play in children’s roles with Jacob P. Adler, making her debut as “Benjamin’s child” in Libin’s “Broken Hearts”.

In 1908 she came to America with her family, where she came into contact with the Yiddish theatre. Her first adult role was with Moshkovitsh in Kornblit’s play entitled “Too Late”.

Since then she had the opportunity to act with David Kessler, Jacob P. Adler, Bessie Thomashefsky, Max Rosenthal and Ludwig Satz.

From 1926-30 she acted with Max Gabel, and from 1930-32 she performed at the Folks Theatre (with German). From 1932-33 she was at the Public Theatre (with Ludwig Satz and Boris Thomashefsky), and  from 1933-34 she performed at the Liberty Theatre (with German) and at the National Theatre (with Goldenburg). Goldie also was part of Maurice Schwartz's New York City-based Yiddish Art Theatre troupe in the early- to mid-1940s.

Goldie's second husband was the actor Irving Grossman. Her third husband was Ben-Zion Katz, who was an actor, prompter and stage director in the Yiddish theatre.


Goldie Lubritsky





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