Isaac Swerdlow in Canada

"After arriving in the United States, he (Isaac) was asked to join an acting company in Winnipeg, Canada. He went and played the season, but unfortunately he did not realize that he overstayed his exit permit. He was not allowed to reenter the U.S. with his company, and furthermore he could not stay in Canada.

Isaac knew that the possibility was that he might be deported back to Germany, so he contacted a lawyer. Instead of trying to get Isaac back into the United States, the lawyer chose to apply to the Canadian government to allow Isaac to remain in Canada.

Isaac had to sign a certificate and get two hundred and fifty signatures that would promise that he would not become a 'drudge' on the Canadian government.  He became a landed immigrant and then a Canadian citizen.

This development hampered Isaac in his career, because he was not in the theatre or where the theatre action was, but always had to rely upon a company coming to Winnipeg that would have a part for him. By that time Isaac was a character actor, [he was] basically playing character roles.

He had to always to rely on a company coming to Winnipeg, and try to get a part. Companies would come to Winnipeg with a part of an actor or actress for him to play.  Unfortunately, Isaac could not assert any authority over the part that his talent would normally warrant, because Isaac was one of the finest character actors on the Yiddish stage.  It was very difficult for him being a Canadian, but he managed to be employed each and every season."








Isaac Swerdlow
in costume,
date unknown



Isaac and Adele Swerdlow,
with acting troupe at a party,
date unknown



Isaac and Adele Swerdlow
in costume,
date unknown






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