Isaac Swerdlow, Later in Life




Isaac Swerdlow

During the  1940s and 1950s, Isaac continued to act in theatre groups in Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto, Canada.  He formed and directed The Little Theatre Group in Montreal.  For years he portrayed patriarchal characters, in productions such as “Hidden Roots”  by I.D. Bercovitch and “Riverside Drive” by Leon Kobrin.  He ventured into television with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and was in several plays such as “The Explorer” and in 1957“The Telephone Rings for Bertha Schrumm” by M. Charles Cohen.  In 1954 he did a radio play, “Lies My Father Told Me” by Ted Allen.  He portrayed the grandfather to a young boy played by William Shatner.

Later in life, he became a member of the Histadrut campaign where he was field director and belonged to the Sholem Aleichem Branch of the Farband.  One of the highlights of his career was the honor accorded to him at the Israel Tenth Anniversary Rally at Massey Hall in Toronto when he read The Declaration of Israel’s Independence in Yiddish.  When Isaac died January 22, 1960 at the age of sixty-six, he had been planning on producing another play.  This larger-than-life man made his way from the poorest of lives in Russia, toured the world schooled in The Moscow Art Theatre and the Maurice Schwartz Company and delighted fans in live plays, on radio and on television.



Isaac Swerdlow and Histadrut






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