The Zuckerbergs in Baltimore

For the 1929-1930 theatre season, Leon and Celia Zuckerberg joined the acting troupe of Morris Schorr, in his Yiddish theatre, the Embassy.
Here in the United States on a work permit,  Leon and Celia  traveled throughout the United States with the acting troupe.
It was also in 1930 that Celia bore Shirley Isabella, her only child. Around 1933, the Zuckerbergs joined the troupe
of Morris Brown and his wife and traveled abroad to such countries as Cuba and Mexico where they continued to perform.

Below you will see a copy of the contract signed by the Zuckerbergs to act for this season with Schorr, as well as a photograph of the troupe.



Contract signed by the Zuckerbergs in 1929 to act
in Schorr's Yiddish theatre. See contract, right.

The Contract

July 31st 1929

An Agreement made this 31st day of July 1929, between Morris Schorr of the Embassy Theatre, Baltimore, Md. party of the first part, and Mr. & Ms. Zuckerberg of the city of New York, parties of the second part.

It is hereby agreed by and between the said parties as follows:

Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg engage themselves to perform for Morris Schorr of the Embassy Theatre, Baltimore, Md. for the season 1929-1930 for a combined salary of One hundred and ten dollars ($110.00) per week for both or Fifty five Dollars ($55.00) each.

Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg further agree to perform at any other Theatre in any other city or cites, and to travel whenever and wherever Mr. Morris Schorr may decide to give performances outside of the city of Baltimore, at the same salary before mentioned.

It is further clearly understood that their combined salaries are $110.00 or $55.00 each per week, whether they perform in Baltimore or any other theatre or City wherever Morris Schorr may from time to time decide to give.

It is further agreed that Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg are to perform any part or parts that may be assigned to them.

It is father agreed that at the beginning of the Season when only part of the week is performed and not a full working week, Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg are only to be paid for as many performances as may be performed on a pro rate basis of their combined weekly salary in accordance of the rules of the Hebrew Actors Union.

Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerberg further agree to obey and follow out every order, instruction or parts in connection with any performance given to them by Morris Schorr.

In Witness thereof

Signed.... Morris Schorr

Advertisement from Schorr's Embassy Theatre in Baltimore. Photographs and personnel to Schorr's (and Clara and Bernard Young's) theatre are shown. Personnel include the Zuckerbergs, Browns and Youngs, and Ostrovs; David Shoenholtz, Elchasnador Amasya, M. Bliefeld, Ida Goldstein, Miss Varadi, Miss Ginzburg and Rae Goldstein.
Advertisement for a benefit performance at Baltimore's
Brit Shalom Theatre, for "Der froyen farfirer", with Morris Brown and Leon Zuckerberg, 15 April 1930.








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