The Yiddish Theatre
Comes to Mexico


"Among the few forms of entertainment that the newcomer immigrants from Europe had,  the highlight was the Yiddish theatre, which was represented in theatres such as the Hidalgo and Arbeu, which were located on the Republic of El Salvador, the Trianon Theatre and the Pueblo en la Laguinilla, among those on Tacuba 15 and Cuba 81.

In them, the family theatre companies mounted classic Yiddish theatre works, which usually brought together dramatic scenes that tore off the tears of the audience with humorous passages, that if they are not (both) crying and laughing, the play was not successful.

In these representations, which at one time were weekly, amateur actors participated along with professionals,  where wit, talent and makeup, supplied the theatrical techniques.

Perhaps the economic situation was not easy and there were many shortcomings, but there were always a few dollars for the Yiddish theatre, as so many memories were elicited  from the public of their respective homelands." 

-- Manuel Zaifeld, 1998.



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