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  Cemetery Matzevot

Below you will also find the images of sixty-three matzevot (gravestones) found within the Zambrow cemetery, as well as the information inscribed on said stones. Also you will find information on seven matzevot that currently have no photo associated with them. All this courtesy of Avigdor Ben-Dov and the YZI.

The table below is organized alphabetically according to the given name of the deceased.
Complete information is not available for every matzeva for various reasons.
Be sure to scroll all the way across the page to read all available data.

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Surname   Given Name(s)   Date of Death (Eng.)   Date of Death (Heb.)   Age at Death   Spouse's Name   Father's Name   Other Surnames   Matzeva Photo   Comments/Notes   External remarks
    Ari (Aryeh?) Menachem   12-June-1886   9 Sivan 5646           Yosef         Here lies..taken a dear man..the Heavens…gathered in with a good name, Arye Menachem son of Rav Yosef, d. 9 Sivan (5)646, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   d. on Sat.; YZI B 23
    Asher Noach Mordechai   10-Feb-1871   19 Shevat 5631           Mordechai        no photo   Here is buried a simple and honest man who enjoyed the fruits of his labor, Asher Noach  [son of ] Mordechai d. 19 Shevat (5)631, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   d. on Fri.; no photo; YZI 18
    Avraham   ...1914   ...5674           David        no photo   …Avraham son of David, d. ...(5)674, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   no photo; YZI 29
    Avraham   8-May-1925   14 Iyar 5685           Mordechai/Mortko         ...Avraham, a name(?)/…a G-d fearing man, Rav Avraham/son of Levi Mordechai; d. 14th of Iyar  in the year (5)685(?)...   N.B. year has reversed numerals/badly worn stone/also photo 164; d. on Thurs.; YZI B 21
    Avram Ick (Avraham Yitzhak)       26 Shevat…           (Yisro)el(?)         ..bitter our soul..we are in shock..our father, the wise…Rav Avraham Yitzhak son of …el [Yisroel?] from village of Szumowo…a doer of deeds, d. 26 Shevat…   stone has curved top and decorative borders; covered with moss and portion unreadable; drawing; picture of lion/also photo 102; YZI B 25
    Avram Ick (Avraham Yitzhak)                   Yehuda/Judko         …Avraham Yitzhak [son of]…[Ye]huda…   stone with rounded top; decorative border; stone broken in portion unreadable/also photo 158; YZI B 7
WAJNBURG   Bajla Dobtche   25-June-1938?   26 Sivan 5698?   28




  WAJNBURG   FREINLIG(?), Mejer         The important woman... Bejla Dobtche WAJNBERG daughter of R. Mejer FREINLIG(?), who was plucked in the prime of her days at age of 28 years? ?? 26? Sivan (5)698(?)...    stone shaped as a cut tree trunk (died young); YZI 48
    Baruch Zeev [Wolf]   20-Jul-1897   20 Tamuz 5657           Szlomo/Shlomo Ari        no photo   …a splendid lad…????....The light of his path has been lost from the land of the living…Boruch Zeev son of Rav Shlomo, d.20 Tamuz (5)657, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   d. on Tues.; no photo; YZI 4
SHIZIAK/SZYZIAK   Basza   23-Mar-1929   11 Adar II  5689       SZYZIAK, Shlomo Tuvia   BRAMSON, Tzvi [Hersh]   BRAMSON     Here is buried in the memory of the day of the passing of my important  and generous mother, Mrs Bashe daughter of R. Tzvi BRAMSON, wife of R. Shlomo Tuvia SHIZIAK of blessed memory; d. 11 Adar II (5)689 , may her soul be bound up in eternal life.
  long read granite stone, narrows to rounded top, with decoration: Star of David with the letters פ"נ (Here is buried); Also photo 21N; YZI 19
ROZENTAL   Bejla   16-Dec-1935   20 Kislev 5696       ROZENTAL, Shraga Feivel    Arje HaKohen   ROSENTHAL/ROZENTHAL the hidden treasures of heaven will your soul ascend, will the clods of your grave be sweet and moist, will your prayer ascend to heaven and shine, to seek mercy for your children, a merciful mother remember them favorably in your memories … died young Beila wife of Shraga Faivel ROZENTAL, daughter of R. Arie HaKohen of blessed memory. d. in a good name on 20 Kislev (5)696, may her soul be bound up in eternal life.   yy the type of granite, method of working the stone and style of letters this seems to be a part of the stone complex of the grave of Beila ROZENTAL (see photo IMG_7937). Also, the fact that the photo numbers follow one another implies a proximate location in the cemetery. See also Doc. 30. Broken stone/Shraga Faivel was son of Israel and Liba, born in Zambrow ca. 1885. His sons with Beila: Arie Leib and Moshe, were also born there, in 1916 and 1918, respectively; YZI 36 (name in Yizkor Book)
…BERG (?)   Bejla Marjem (Miriam)       ...Tevet (?)…           Dov         Here is buried the modest woman, G-d-fearing, Ms. Myrjam daughter of R. Dov...   stone hard to read, obscured by vegetation; see also photos 12 and 7930; YZI 26
[MIEDUS]   Boruch                    Szlomo/Shlomo Zalman         …a dear and respected man who was G-d fearing, may his soul be bound in the life of Gan Eden, our teacher, Rav Boruch, son of Rav Shlomo Zalman, d. 5 Tishre (5)6…   see also photos 88 and 89; YZI B 10
JAGODA/YAGODA   Chaim    29-Apr(?)-1935    26...5695           JAGODA, Tzvi [Hersh]         …very  honest, and G-d-fearing man who enjoyed the fruits of his labor. The elder our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Chaim son of R. Tzvi JAGODA; d. 29th day in the month ...(5)695…   married in 1892 Chaja APELBAUM in Zambrow: YZI 35 (name in Yizkor Book)
PAW   Chaim Zeev   31-Mar-1916   16 Sivan 5697           PAW, Moshe/Moszk         ...with a broken and depressed heart we cry of the death of our father, …who was noted for modesty and G-d-fearing, a wondrous torah scholar, G-d-fearing was his treasure [...] Chaim Zeev son of Rabbi Moshe PAW; d. with a good name  on 16th of the month Sivan (5)697...   name is pronounced POV; born in 1862 in Zareby Koscielne?; also photo 13N; d. on Tues., YZI 23 (name in Yizkor Book)
SZMUSZKES   Chaja    1-Nov-1934   23 Cheshvan 5695           Szmul Chaim         ... her sons and acquaintances Mrs Chaya SZMUSZKES, daughter of R. Shmuel Chaim, d. 23 Cheshvan (5)695...   broken stoene; also photo 202; YZI 39
    Chaja Freida   21-Mar-1917   27 Adar II 5677           Yekutiel         …to those I cry, on the death of my mother and teacher Mrs Chaja Freida daughter of R. Yekutiel; d. in a good name 27 Adar II (5)677…   d. on Sat.; also photos 24N and 29N; YZI 21
JEROZOLIMSKI   Chaja Yehudit               JEROZOLIMSKI, Mortko (Mordechai)   LEWINSKI, Avraham         Here is buried pure, innocent, and honest, pure in spirit and  heart., important and well known for her generosity and bounty, Mrs Chaja Yehudit daughter of R. Avraham, wife of R. Mordekhai JEROZOLIMSKI...
  maiden surname LEWINSKI. Married 1897 Mortko son of Eliasz Zalman JEROZOLIMSKI in Zambrow; decoration on the head of the gravestone of a sidur--an indication of a devoted reader of Psalms.; also photos 7N, 186, Chaya29 and 7924; YZI 2 (name in Yizkor Book)
SLOWIK   Chana    30-Aug-1937   23 Elul 5697       SLOWIK, Dawid (David) Wolf (?)   Moshe Tzvi HaKohen         Mrs Chana daughter of R. Moshe Tzvi HaKohen, wife of the late David SLOWIK, d. 23 Elul (5)697…   top of stone broken away, then unclear; also photo 22n; YZI 24 (name in Yizkor Book)
[LEW]   Chana  Basza   4-Jul-1914   10 Tamuz 5674           Szlomo/Shlomo         Mournful is our soul in deep sorrow and we shall mourn by wailing and lamentation upon the death of our dear mother, modest and important and G-d-fearing, Mrs Chana Basha daughter of R. Shlomo;d. 10 Tamuz (5)674 by the abbreviated era...   also photos 27N; YZI 28
    Chana Chaja               Avraham   Benjamin Tzvi Hirsh         Here lies the modest forgiving woman, G-d fearing, from the blessed woman's tent, Mrs. Chana Chaya daughter of Rav Benjamin Zvi Hirsh, wife of our teacher Rabbi Avraham…   a large fragmented stone formerly with a curved top having two doves facing each other flanking the base of a menorah (broken away); bottom left portion also missing; YZI B16
[JACHALSKA]   Chana Dweira (Devora)   7-Sep-1893   26 Elul 5653           Gedalia Yidl (Yehuda)         Here is buried the Important maiden that was plucked while in her youth , Ms. Chana Dworja daughter of Gedaliya Judel, d. 26 Elul (5)653...   also photo 18N; YZI 15
STARR (SZTERN?)   Chana Szosza (Shosha)   [Aug.]   1 Elul           Tzvi Ick (Yitzhak)   SHTERN/STERNSTARR?     …great, bitter [broken] … magnitude of the mishap […] been taken from us […] the compassionate the […] and the dear the modest […] Chana Shosha SZTERN, daughter of R. Tzvi Yitzhak, d. the first day of the New Moon in Elul …   the stone is broken along the left hand side and a part of the inscription is missing; see also photo 7927; YZI 47
    Chawa/Chava   26-Jan-1895   1 Shevat 5655           Tzvi [Hersh]         Here lies a modest and important woman with good deeds Mrs. Chava daughter of Rav Zvi buried 1Shevat (5)655, may her soul be bound up in eternal life.   top of stone appears fragment that has been repaired. Seven-branched menorah flanked by two doves; also photo 98; d. on Sat.; YZI B 14
SURAWICZ   Efrajm (Efraim) Moshe [Moszk]   30-Jul-1931   26 Tamuz 5692   62       Arye Dawid Lejba         …wrapped with grief and sorrow upon the death of our father and teacher,  Efraim Moshe son of R. Arje Dawid Lejba SURAWICZ, an honest and innocent man who was involved in Torah and doing good deeds; d. 26 Tamuz (5)692 in his 62nd year; may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   Efroim Moszk son of Dawid Lejb married in 1897 in Zambrow Frajdla FINKIELSZTEJN, daughter of Michel (-Michael). Their first son, Boruch, was born there in 1898; also photos 3N and 172N; stone is long with large embossed letters on red granite; YZI 10 (name in Yizkor Book)



    Eljasz (Eli)   11-Nov-1926   5 Kislev 5687           Ick (Yitzhak) Ajzyk         This matzeva is for a young man, like a rough man in his years; all his life he suffered…ELI [large letters] son of Yitzhak Ajzyk…5 Kislev (5)687; May his soul be bound up in eternal life.   a circle at the top encloses PN (here lies). A pair of lions supporting the circle. There is a decorative border. Note that the matzeva is broken into about equal top and bottom portions/See also photos 74 and 107 ; d. on Thurs.; YZI B 18
[SOKOL]   Estera/Esther Fejga   28-Oct-1891   26 Tishre [5652]           Szmul (Shmuel)         Here lies the modest woman…Esther Fajge daughter of R. Shmuel d. 26 Tishre in the year [5652?]…   very worn stone; also photo 103; see AKT 41 JG index for name; d. on Wed.; YZI B 15
    Faigl (Fejga) Hadasa   24-Jan-1926   9 Shevat 5686           Tzvi Dov          … woman […]  Faigl Hadassa daughter of R. Zvi Dov d. 9 Shevat (5)686…   broken and then unclear; also photo 15N; YZI 13
TYKOCINSKI   Gdal (Gedaliahu)    1871-1936   20 Adar 5696           Mejer [Lejba]         "Gdal TYKOCINSKI 1871-1936"   red granite block, probably headstone portion of larger marker; same as YZI 9; see photos 167 and 98T; YZI 11
  14-Mar-1936     Here lies buried our dear father, crown of our head,  a well-respected man, our teacher and rabbi Gdaliyahu son of R. Mejer TYKOCZINSKI; d. 20 Adar (5)696...   red granite stone well-preserved (see also YZI 11); d. on Sat.; also photos 4 and 11; b. 1871; YZI 9 and 11 (name in Yizkor Book)
    Gdaliya Yidl (Yehuda) [Judka]   24-May-1866   10 Sivan 5626           Szlomo (Shlomo)         …/a G-d-fearing man who most of his life worked for the community, collecting money for the poor of Eretz Yisrael, R. Gdalia Yidl son of Shlomo, d.10th day in the month Sivan of the year (5)626 by the abbreviated era…   tombstone of his daughter, Chana Dvora, see in pictures 210 and 229; also ref. to YZI Doc. 5; YZI 45
SOSNOWICZ   Gimpel   16-Jan-1918   3 Shevat  5678           Judel/Yehuda         With a torn and boiling heart  we mourn the death of our dear father a very  honest and G-d-fearing man, fixed regular times for the study of the Torah and for work, bargained with honesty, our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Gimpel Sosnowicz son of R. Yehuda. passed away in good name 3 days in the month Shevat (5)678...   Srul (Yisroel) son of Gimpel b. 1899 (see AKT 115 JG); also photos 26N, 34N, and Gimpel28; YZI 33
    Ick (Yitzhak)                   Avraham         … a very honest man, G-d-fearing, our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Yitzhak son of  our teacher and rabbi, Rabbi Avraham…   YZI 44
    Gedaliah Ick (Yitzhak)   …-June-18…   25 Sivan…           Shlomo         …a G-d fearing man, most of his life engaged in holy work, collected [funds] for Eretz Yisroel, Yitzhak son of Rav Avraham Shlomo, d. 25 Sivan…   a Rabbi; YZI 5
    Ick (Yitzhak)   6-Nov-1864   7 Cheshvon 5625(?)           Yaakov         Here lies a simple honest man G-d fearing all his life, our teacher and Rabbi Yitzhak son of Yaakov, d. with a good name 7th of Cheshvon 5625(?), may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   very worn stone with moss covered top and along sides; the year may have purposely been altered (reversal) to avoid unpleasant word; photos 113 and 135; d. on Sun.; YZI B 6
[MODRYKAMIEN]   Ick Dawid (Yitzhak David)   1-May-1911   3 Iyar 5671           Mejer         …our dear father…the teacher Yitzhak David son of Mejer d. with a good name 3 Iyar (5)671. may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   stone has decorative border on each side, but broken away in upper portion; see also photo 96; MODRYKAMIEN (?) m. AKT7 JG; d. on Mon.; YZI b 27
    Jochen (Jochanan) HaKohen   9-Jun-1892   14 Sivan 5652           Ick (Yitzhak) HaKohen         Here is buried the bachelor Johanan son of Rabbi Yitzhak HaKohen d. 14Sivan (5)652; may his soul be bound up in eternal life.    gravestone decorated with the likeness of a lion; also photo 205; d. on Thurs.; YZI 12
    Joszk (Josef)   27-Mar-1924   21 Adar II 5684           Judel (Yehuda)         Here is buried/mournful is  our soul in deep sorrow upon the death of our dear father, a G-d-fearing man, our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Josef son of Jehuda , d. 21 Adar II (5)684...
  decoration: a crown flanked by two lions; top of stone split; "PN" enclosed in decorative design; partially buried concealing some text; also photos 23N and 1-1N; YZI 31
    Joszk Arje (Josef Aryeh)   (Oct.)   25 Tishre           Mordechai [Mortko]         ...House of Josef; This stone and mound testifies the truth of  heart and innocence of the ways of the man buried here, a simple, honest, G-d-fearing man, dealt in good faith and enjoyed the fruits of his labor all his life.  Never swore, even on the truth.  This is the elder our teacher and rabbi, the rabbi  Josef Arieh son of our teacher and rabbi Mordechai, so Josef died in a good name and a ripe old age on 25 Tishre the year...   "So Joseph died" taken from Genesis 50:26, "And Joseph died" - Exodus 1:6/Stone broken so year unknown; also photo 7919; YZI 1
    Katriel   23-Apr-1912   6 Iyar 5672           Szlomo (Shlomo) Chaim HaKohen         …[walked] in the path of the Torah of HaShem, was respected among the honored our dear and important father…our teacher and Rabbi Katriel son of Shlomo Chaim HaKohen, buried with a good name 6 Iyar (5)672 may his soul be bound up in everlasting life.   top of stone missing and broken away. Bottom appears incomplete segment; d. on Tues.; YZI B 22
[SOLARZ?]   Kejla Ryfka   11-Mar-1897   7 Adar II 5657           Mordechai [Mortko]         Here lies…modest and important woman of valor…Mrs. Keila Rivka daughter of Rav Mordechai, d. 7 Adar II in the year (5)657, may her soul be bound in eternal life.   a tall stone with a curved top depicting two doves sitting and flanking a menorah; also photos 83 and 105; d. on Thurs.; see AKT 33 JG(?); YZI B 12
    Mariem/Marim (Miriam)    7-June-1882   20 Sivan 5642           Tzvi         …the modest woman…plucked from us while giving birth[margolira?], Miriam daughter of Rav. Tzvi, d. 20 Sivan (5)642…   also photo 110; d. on Wed.; YZI B 1
OSOWIECZKA/OSOWIECZ   Mirka   1929-1939   24…569…       Srul (Yisroel) Lajba (Leib)   OSOWIECZKI, Hillel         ...our hearts "melt", our eyes shed a tear upon the death of our dear mother, delight of our hearts, modest and G-d-fearing, because of the charity and  grace that she did during her life  Her sons and friends  will cry for her, the elderly Mrs Mirka daughter of Hillel OSOWIECZKI passed away 25 [-broken] the year( 5)69[- broken]...   maiden surname Bergier, born in Stare Lomza 1862 to Hillel son of Mejer, married 1887 Srul Leib Osowiecki son of Josef (Juszk) in Zambrow; also photos 10N and 489; YZI 6
[MEJZNER]   Moszk (Moshe)    9-Feb-1894    3 Adar 5654           Szmul (Shmuel) Yisoschar HaLevi        no photo   …Moshe son of Shmuel Yisasachar…   d. on Fri.; MEJZNER--see AKT 11 JG; no photo; YZI B 24
    Moszk (Moshe) Szmul (Shmuel)   3-Jan-1912   12 Shevat 5672           Yehoshua Betzalel         ..our dear father…Moshe Shmuel son of Yehosh[ua] Bezalel d. 12th of the month Shevat in the abbreviated year (5)672, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   Only a lower fragment, the top missing, but with decorative side borders and clear text; (see also earlier YZI 20); d. on Sun.; YZI B 26
    Nachman Yaakov   11-Jan-1915   25 Tevet 5675           Ick/Yitzhak          …every man will groan and mourn upon the one  laid to rest here,  our dear father, a very honest and G-d-fearing man: our teacher and rabbi, the Rabbi Nachman Yaakov son of Yitzhak/ passed away 25 Tevet (5)675 by the abbreviated era...
  decoration; three-branched candlestick; YZI 32
    Necha Perla   6-Oct-1892   15 Tishre 5653           Ick/Yitzhak           … the modest woman, G-d-fearing, Mrs Necha Perl daughter of our teacher and rabbi Yitzhak, d. 15 Tishrei? (5)653 by the abbreviated era …   YZI 43
    Nochim (Nachum) Lev (Leib)   25-April-1881   26 Nisan 5641            Azriel         Here lies an honest G-d fearing man, healed the sick, our teacher Nachum Leib son of Azriel, d. 26 Nisan (5)641 in the abbr. year., may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   d. on Pesach festival on a Monday; YZI B 5
[GRUDZIEN]   Nosko (Nathan)   31-Jan-1892   2 Shevat 5652           Chaim Tzvi         … fixed regular times for the study of the Torah ???? a free day from his business. If he had visitors he brought before them food to fill. Anguish and distress set upon us out of the blue: in his prime he left us on 2 Shevat (5)652 by the abbreviated era . May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life. Here is buried the scholar our teacher and Rabbi Nathan son of Rav Chaim Tzvi...   broken stone, missing upper portion; text blurred in photo; GRUDZIEN--see AKT 7 JG; d. on Sun. See also photo 3-1-N; YZI 42
    Rejzla (Raizel)   27-Jun-1937   18 Tamuz 5697           Josef Ick/Yitzhak          …the modest woman Ms. Raizel daughter of R. Josef Yitzhak  died in good name on 18 Tamuz (5)697 by the abbreviated era...   stone has rounded top; partially covered by moss; see also photos 2N, 168 and 169; YZI 7
    Richa (Rebecca)   26-Jun-1938   27 Sivan 5698                       … Riva, peace be upon her; d. 27 Sivan (5)698 by the abbreviated era … unforgetable …,work(?) hard …, their, your holidays …following a... week of Illness...
  stone covered with earth then unclear; Riva; Yiddish, with fractured text; YZI 25
JABLONKA/JABLONKI   Rochla (Rachel)   23-Jul-1936   4 Av 5696           JABLONKI, Moshe (Moszk)          [broken] … plucked woman Rachel daughter of Rav Moshe Jablonki, d. 4th Av (5)696…   see also photo 5N; YZI 3
    Rochla (Rachel)   14-Feb-1872   5 Adar I 5632           Baruch         …that is the pillar of Rachel's grave, a modest and important woman G-d-fearing the honorable Rachel daughter of our teacher and rabbi Barukh passed away 5 Adar I (5)632 by the abbreviated era…   "That is the pillar of Rachel's grave..." from Genesis 35:20; see photo 8B; YZI 17
SZEJNES/SEINESS/CHANES   Rochla (Rachel) from Tiktin (Tykocin)   10-Mar-1866   20 Adar 5626            Arje Leib(?)         … Rachel daughter of our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Arie Leib(?) SEJNES  of Tiktin, d. 20 Adar of the year (5)626 by the abbreviated era...   stone broken/Tiktin=Tykocin/Cines aka Seiness; d. on Sat.; YZI 34
[KOCIAK]   Rochla (Rachel) Mindla (Mindel)   6-Jul-1896   23 Tamuz 5656


          Natan (Noszko)         Here lies the woman…Rachel Mindel daughter of the Rav Natan(?)…d. (5)645, may her soul be bound up in eternal life.   very worn granite stone having an irregular shape; KOCIAK--see AKT 22 JG; d. on Sat.; YZI B 20
    Ryfka   17-Oct-1854   25(?) Tishre 5615           Tzvi [Hersh]         ... the modest woman Mrs ...t Ryfka daughter of R. Tzvi, d. 25? Tishre (5)615 by the abbreviated era …   YZI 37
    Ryfka           23               …a  light to all broken of way, a joy she shall be on her passing, a woman taken from us…in the days of purity and righteousness; RYFKA 23...   worn and stained stone; had some design on top; name is in large letters at bottom with what appears to be her age (?); YZI B 19
[SEGAL]   Shraga [Fajwal]   17-Jan-1870   15 Shevat 5630           Judel (Yehuda) SEGAL         Here lies a simple man and honest, Shraga son of Yehuda Segal d. 15 Shevat (5)630, may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   inscription and stone worn; d. on Mon.; also photo 97; YZI B 13
    Sora (Sarah) Dvora   23-Feb-1918   11 Adar 5678           Pinchas          ...a bitter lamentation we raise for our calamity, disaster from heaven came into our tent, lowered to earth the glory of our horn, upon being taken from us the desire of our eyes, our dear mother, lady of the house, Mrs Sora Dvora daughter of R. Pinhas, d. in a good name 11 Adar of the year (5)678...   large upright stone with rounded top; decoration: 5 branched-menorah flanked by 2 doves; sides of stone carved columns; also photos: 7931, 7932, 25N, 224, 90T, and SR18; YZI 41
    Sora (Sarah) Ryfka   30-Nov-1926   24 Kislev 5687           Mejer         Here lies..on this…the heart..darkened eyes on the death of our dear mother, a strong, modest and important woman who feared G-d, d. in a good name, Mrs. Sora Ryfka a daughter of [Rav Mejer], d. 24 Kislev (5)687 in abbrev. year. May her soul be bound up in eternal life.   elaborate design in curved top portion with "PN" (here lies); portions of text blocked by overgrowth; d. on Tues.; YZI B 11
    Stirka Leja   24-Mar-1896   10 Nisan 5656           Tzvi [Hersh]         [Here lies]…our mother, the modest and important Mrs. Stirka Leah daughter of Rav Zvi, d. 10 of Nisan (5)656. May her soul be bound up in eternal life.   also photo 86; d. on Tues.; YZI B 9
    Symcha Tanchum   27-May-1887   4 Sivan 5647(?)           Szmul/Shmuel Moshe         Here lies a simple and honest man who walked…all his life righteous…our teacher Simcha Tanchum, son of Rav Shmuel Moshe, d. with a good name 4th of Sivan (5)647 (?), may his soul be bound up in eternal life.   very worn stone; lettering hard to read; d. on Fri.; YZI B 4
CZERWONIEC   Szasza (Shasheh) Leibka (Leiba)   3-Oct-1936   16(?) Tishre 5697       CZERWONIEC, Leib   Benjamin Dov (Ber)         …the modest [woman] and G-d-fearing, [helper?  of] impoverished,  support to the poor. Ms Shoshe Liebe CZERWONIEC, daughter of R. Binyamin Dov d. 2nd day of Sukkot the year (5)697...   maiden surname SZTERN, born 1874 in Zambrow to Benjamin Ber (Dov), married 1894 Leib son of Abram Dawid CZERWONIEC in Zambrow, d. on Fri.; also photo 9N; see AKT 10 in JG; YZI 8
    Szimko (Shimon)   26-Dec-1873   6 Tevet 5634           Gershon [Gerszk]         …a very honest, G-d-fearing man who enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Rav Shimon son of the Rabbi Gershon, d. 6 Tevet (5)634 by the abbreviated era…   d. on Fri.; YZI 16
    Szlomo (Shlomo)                            no photo       no photo; YZI B 17
    Szlomo (Shlomo)       27 Sivan…           Levi Judl (Yehuda)         Here lies a man, simple and straightforward, with G-d will be his profit, wonderful in learning Torah… Shlomo son of Levi Yudel d. 27th of Sivan…   stone partially buried and worn; YZI nn
    Szlomo; Shlomo Zalman Chaim   4 May 1917   17 Iyar 5677           Rachamim Josef         … Shlomo Zalman Chaim, d. 12 Iyar in the year (5)677 in the abbreviated year…   decorative margins on sides of names; sides of matzeva with additional engraved decorative motif ; stone partially covered by plant growth; lower and upper portions not visible; more photos 57.jpg and 59.jpg; YZI B 8
[DZIENCIOL]   Szmul (Shmuel)   14-Oct-1892   23 Tishre 5653           Ick (Yitzhak)         Here lies an honest and simple man, G-d fearing walked in the path of the righteous [Mesilat Yesharim] our teacher and Rabbi Shmuel son of Yitzhak d. with a good name on Simchat Torah in the abbreviated year (5)653. may his soul be bound in eternal life.   stone well preserved; curved top depicts a lion grasping a tree shoot; decorative floral pattern at base of stone; also photos 165, 106, 68 and 69; d. Simchat Torah (a Friday); DZIENCIOL, Szmul from AKT 40 JG; YZI B 3
    Tema (Tamar)   ...May-1867(?)   30 Iyar 5627(?)           Szmul (Shmuel)        no photo   …Tema [daughter of Shmuel, d. 30 Iyar (5)527(?)]   no photo; YZI 14
RAPOPORT   Tzvi [Hersh]   11-Oct-1931   30 Tishre 5692            Szlomo (Shlomo)   RAPOPORT     [top worn]… the respected our teacher and rabbi;  Zvi son of Shlomo RAPOPORT of Rutki, d. in good name [on Sun.] first day of Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Cheshvon (5)692 by the abbreviated era...     Name is inscribed enlarged as part of the decoration; NB: the first day of RH is the last day of the previous month (30 Tishre is Simchat Torah); also photos: 17N, 208, and ZvibenShlomo21N (very worn); YZI 22
    Kutiel (Yekutiel)   16-Apr-1923   30 Nisan 5683           Szmul (Shmuel) Chaim         …in memory of the day of the death of our dear and respected father, our teacher and rabbi the Rabbi Yekutiel son of Rabbi Shmuel Chaim, d. 30 Nisan (5)683...
  decorated with set of Mishna books indicating a learned man; also photos 11N and 7933; d. on Mon.;YZI 40
    (male)                   Szmul (Shmuel) Chaim       no photo   .../son of Shlomo Zalman/d. 12th of the month Iyar [Fri.] in the year 95)677 by the abbreviated era....
  broken and then unclear; (see YZI B 8 for father); also photos 7927 and 57; YZI 38



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