The Maggidim
The Maggid Eliakim Getzl is Forced to Leave Zambrów

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At the time that Zambrów retained an additional shokhet, because of the increase in population, both Rabbis needed to certify his capacity to perform slaughter in accordance with ritual. The Kozioner Rabbiner immediately offered his concurrence. However, the old Rabbi, Regensburg k"mz was opposed. Meanwhile, the shokhet performed slaughter, and Jews ate from his produce. The town Maggid, as usual, sided with the old Rabbi. In town, two sides were formed immediately. The majority sided with the Kozioner Rabbiner. the Maggid, who was a great exponent of Musar, in his usual Sabbath sermon, exhorted and indicated to the Jews that ate from the new shokhet’s produce that they were eating trayf, and they will suffer for it in this world and the world to come. He also called out balebatim by name, whom he knew to be eating from this shokhet’s produce. A dispute broke out immediately between the two factions of Jews in the town. It was taken to Lomza, to the provincial committee, where it was averred that there was such-and-such who was a trouble-maker. An investigation committee then arrived, and it decided that the prominent people of the town would decided by a blackball vote: each person would receive two balls, a white one and a red one. If he throws in the white ball – he favors the Maggid, a red one – opposed. The side that held in favor of the Kozioner Rabbiner was in the majority.

photo: Hershel Kusharer, building contractor of the army barracks and his wife, Esther-Matl.

So, the Maggid lost his position, and was compelled to leave Zambrów within two week’s time. He went off to Bialystok, and was a Maggid there for a couple of years. After that he became the Maggid for the city of Brisk. In his final parting sermon that he held in Zambrów, before he went away, he said that the sin committed by Zambrów will not be silenced, and the entire town will suffer for it. He even went so far as to say that the very stones in the streets will burn... When he went away, two weeks later, Zambrów burned down, and the entire town went down in a terrifying blaze. The Jews, who held with the Maggid, interpreted this as ‘God’s Finger,’ while other said that the Maggid had cursed Zambrów. In the history of Zambrów, this is called ‘The First Great Fire.’  next ►►

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