The Maggidim
Alter the Maggid
(Reb Moshe Zalman Horovitch)
From the Zambrów Yizkor Book (abridged English version), 1963

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Tradesmen Escort Alter the MagGid as he Departs for America, 1924

Alter the Maggid (the Malierke's son-in-law), was a "handsome" Jew, with a thick black beard and beautiful blue eyes. He was nicely clothed and wore a broad, Hassidic hat. He used to speak slowly, was tender-hearted, amiable, accommodating, and on friendly terms even with his opponents. He was, however, a bigot and always acted in accordance with the wishes of the ultra-orthodox Rabbi of Zambrów. He was opposed to any innovation in Jewish life, and he used to point to the religious failures of the Zambrów people, exhorting the "sinners". He hated the Zionists and Socialists and fought the modern school for children, the Library, etc.

In 1924 he was invited by the Zambrów Society in the United States to come to America. He went there, and when he left, his adherents said  that Zambrów will never get such an excellent maggid... In the States he continued to preach, although his anti-Zionist tirades and declamation became more and more rare. He felt that one should understand the new times and new "winds"... Later he was Rabbi of the United Synagogue of Zambrów-Yedvabna. He died in the U.S.A. in 1953.  next ►►

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