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The Early Years 




Al Jolson was known as the world's greatest entertainer....
He was a master showman who performed
for adoring crowds for more than fifty years.
His performances on stage were magical;
His private life was complex and tormented.

The Museum of Family History honors one of
the most gifted performers ever to grace the
 American stage. His contributions to American culture
were immense; his cumulative work has left an
indelible mark in the annals of music lore.

In this exhibition, you can read (and hear) about the fascinating
life of the one and only Al Jolson, from the time he immigrated
with his mother and siblings to America in 1894, through his
tumultuous childhood and adolescent years. You can trace his
career in show business from start to end, learning not only about
his professional life, but his personal life as well...


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Al Jolson with Jack Warner, President of Warner Brothers Studio, 1929.

Warner Brothers produced the movie "The Jazz Singer" with Jolson
in the lead two years before the above photograph was taken.
"The Jazz Singer" was the  first full-length
Hollywood feature film with sound ever made....

This exhibition was made possible in part with the cooperation of the
International Al Jolson Society.



Jolie and his Friends 


The Yoelsons 




Jolson and Jesse

Jolson in Blackface 
"The Jolson Story" 

Jolson on Stage  
Entertaining the Troops

"The Jazz Singer" 


The Jewish Side of Jolson 

Jolson's Four Wives 
Tribute and Memoriam

The Silver Screen 




Al Jolson gives a
virtual performance at the
Museum of Family History's
Music Pavilion
(from 1948)



The Radio Years 

The Jolson Legacy 

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