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About the Museum

"If you want to be happy, set yourself a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. Happiness is within you. It comes from doing some certain thing into which you can put all your thought and energy. If you want to be happy, get enthusiastic about something."

--Dale Carnegie

The Museum of Family History is a virtual (Internet-only), multimedia, and interactive creation that was designed for those of us who are interested in learning more about modern Jewish history, as well as those who were a part of this history, who now grace the many branches of our family tree. The Museum humbly attempts to honor the Jewish people and the Jewish family unit in particular.

Through various exhibitions of sight and sound, the Museum strives to keep the memories of our ancestors fresh in our minds, while at the same time allowing us to learn more about the historical events that might have touched and shaped their lives, and subsequently our own. Through first-hand accounts, we learn of both their struggles and their triumphs, and through this awareness we perhaps gain some understanding of the world in which they lived.

You, the participant in this often sentimental and nostalgic journey, have the opportunity to view thousands photographs from the past that may stir your imagination. You will at times hear the voices and see film clips of family members that have been gingerly incorporated into some of the Museum's exhibitions.

 If you see an earphones icon , this indicates that there is an audio component attached to a particular exhibition. A video icon indicates that a video clip is available for viewing (usually these sound and video clips last between ninety seconds and six minutes.) To gain a perspective of the audio and video aspects of this site, you may wish to visit the Family History Theatre, where you will be able to read and hear about a few of the myriad of exhibitions within the virtual walls of the Museum that contain multimedia files. There are also separate web pages on this site that list all the audio and video files that one can see and hear at the Museum.

The Museum of Family History's growing collection of photographs and documents has been augmented mostly from those who have expressed a keen interest in this worthwhile project.  Hopefully, much of what will be offered on this website will have appeal for children as well as adults. Perhaps it will promote storytelling from grandparents and parents to their children in the time-honored oral tradition, and will inspire each and every one of us to do more to preserve our cherished family memories for future generations. How many of us have said with a sigh, "If only I would have thought about asking my parents or grandparents about our family history when they were still alive." How many of us have said, "My children or grandchildren aren't interested in my story," or "My story is not so important or interesting." Every story, however, has meaning; each accounting of one's life experiences adds to the fabric and texture of our collective Jewish memory.

To receive the latest news about the Museum, you may wish to visit the museum's Facebook page, the "Museum of Family History." You can find it here. Please feel free to join the more than 2,000 members of our Facebook group!

I hope that you will gain valuable knowledge and wisdom from your personal journey through the Museum of Family History, and that you will leave wanting more. Lastly, I wish that all the memories you have of your own family are warm ones, and are filled with everlasting love.

Steven Lasky
Founder and Director
Museum of Family History







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