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"This album reminds us of our old, forgotten home. 
It's good to take an occasional look at the past, but it's certainly hard for each of us to make the trip to Europe.
Here we're sparing you this [journey] by bringing you pictures of Telekhany and your friends and close ones.
That's why, dear friends, you must buy this remembrance book. The money you pay for the album will help your relatives and acquaintances.
Be united, landsleit, because a united body can accomplish a lot."

Please click on any of the thumbnail photographs below to see a larger version.

Free Loan Society Committee.   Stoliner Rebbe and Rabbi Yosef Glick.   Jewish campaign group outside Issac Bashevis' home.   Street where the rabbi eats.   Oginsky Canal.
Shokhnes Gasse.   Mitnagdim (non-Hasidic) Shul.   Lyubisher Shul.   Yishoay Bielkas (sp) Street.   Railroad Plaza.


printer: G. Dolinko, Pinsk.

* - In 1932, Telechany was part of Poland; today it is called Telekhany and is part of the country of Belarus, 5231' N 2551' E.


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