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Town with a Jewish Past: Photographic Studios

Looking at family photographs taken in various Czernowitz studios before the end of World War I allows us the opportunity to see our family or landsleit at their best. One can certainly admire the composition and judge the artistic merit of each photographer's work. One can also surmise why someone decided then to have their portrait done? Was it to send to a relative who lived elsewhere? Was it done as a family keepsake or was it done to hand out socially? Perhaps it was done to give to a family member who was about to emigrate.

Whatever the case, we can learn a bit about the photographic business in Czernowitz. Who were the photographers who owned the studio? Generally their name was attached to their studio name. Where in town were they located? One can look at the Czernowitz town street map to find the location of all of the studios mentioned below. We have no way of knowing exactly how many studios there were in Czernowitz before and after the two world wars. It is fairly certain that such fanciful lithographic designs disappeared after the end of the first World War. The Museum hopes you will derive some pleasure from viewing these artistic photographs.

Note that the lithographic designs of the fronts and the backs of the photographs changed during this time period. Whether the studios had different designs to choose from at any one time (perhaps it was the customer's choice), or whether the studio just chose a new design when they reordered these photo mounts, is anyone's guess.

These photo mounts, i.e. the thin pieces of cardboard than the studio glued photographs onto, were during the 1880s often small in nature (called "cartes-de-visite"), perhaps a slight bit larger than the business card of today. The lithographers who designed these mounts, printing on these mounts their studio name, the studio address, what services they provided, etc., were often ordered from popular lithographers in Vienna, e.g. Bernhard Wachtl. You can learn more about the history of early photography as well as the photographic studios of Eastern Europe by visiting the Museum's exhibition on such studios.


was located "vis-à-vis" Hotel Moldavie, i.e. facing or directly across from the Hotel Moldavie was located on Hauptstrasse 36 in Czernowitz. He also had a studio in Lemberg (L'viv). His career spanned the years of 1881 to 1915.
Below are some examples of the studio's work.

Rosi, Rudi and
Anna Feuerstein,

There are indications on this backing that he and/or his studio won a "Silver Service Medal" two years previous to the taking of this photograph, in 1886.

As in many of the photographic backings, it is indicated that the original photographic plates remain at the studio (in this case for two years) in case supplemental orders are made, and that later enlargements can be made artistically up to life size.

The lithographer who designed the backing was Bernhard Wachtl of Vienna.

Sigmund Bondy, Wien (Vienna)

Photo of Moritz, Rosa and their child. The lithographer for the backing design is different than for the previous backing.
Though his business is also in Vienna, the lithographer here is named Sigmund Bondy.
This shows that there were many lithographers who sold such photo backings to studios, and studios would buy such backings from more than one lithographer.

Moritz Feuerstein,


Here is a cameo, which experienced some degree of popularity during this time, but of course, was generally used to frame a portrait of just one person.

The studio here is still vis-à-vis Hotel Moldavie.

It is believed that this photo is of Cecilia Reder Heuer, cir 1895-1915.




This is perhaps a photo of Manya/Maya Heuer and her family, year unknown.


Mina Grohs
(nee Feuerstein),
sister of Moritz,
date unknown

The design on the backing here is a bit Art-Nouveau.

The studio is now said to be located on Hauptstrasse 36.
There is an indication that the studio can make life-size portraits from nature, as well as enlargements once the photo has been artistically accomplished. Also, of course, included is that the original plates are kept for future orders.

There are what seems to be a dozen circular medals here, but this seems to be more for design than anything else, as there is no significant wording contained within any of these medals.

Pauline Leah
cir late 1800s


Though the backing here is not legible, one can see a crest, a series of medals as before but in yet another design.

The studio here is located still at Hauptstrasse 36.

Three cousins of Cornel Fleming, cir early 1900s. Here the studio is also located at Hauptstrasse 36.


This Bahrynowicz studio photo, dated 1902, has no lithographic design. The reason is unclear.

The man pictured is a cousin of Czernowitz native Cornel Fleming.


Grandmother of Cornel Fleming. date unknown. The address of the studio is Hauptstrasse no. 15, though there is a second address (perhaps a branch of the studio at Postgasse no. 12.

This is a photograph of Salli Todres at approximately four years of age.
The photograph was taken in 1889. Her daughter Lena (Lana) inscribed on the back of the photo:
"Meine Mama war eine zuse schwarze Maus. Ihre tochter, Lana."

The studio of H. Ehrlich had two locations: at Hauptstrasse No. 15 and Postgasse No. 12.

" Enlargements are formed from the 'artistic nature.'

The plate will remain for future orders."


This family photograph of Rose Auslander (center) with her parents, was taken in 1904 at the H. Ehrlich studio. It seems that Ehrlich also had a studio in the town of Storozynetz, located today in the Ukraine (at that time part of the Austrian Empire.)

There was a studio of the same name in Chemnitz, though it is unknown as to whether these two Ehrlichs are the same people.
Eda Auerbach studied at the conservatory in Czernowitz (Cernauti) and became a classical violinist, as did her future husband Herman Bueller from Munich.

Here the H. Ehrlich studio is located at Str. Iancu Flondor no. 10. This street, in the Austro-Hungarian Period, was known as Herrengasse.


could be found in different locations within the 1880s. Between 1901 and 190 there were two studios with this name located in Czernowitz, one at Kochanowskigasse 5, the other at Herrengasse 16. Between 1908 and 1912, there was only one location listed, at Herrengasse 39.

Rose Fein Schreiber married Elias Romascanu in November 1901.  Elias was from Piatra Neamt, Romania. They were married in Czernowitz, went to New York on their honeymoon to visit Rose's grandmother, uncle, and brother and never returned to Czernowitz.

Adolf Langhaus
as a student,


Same lithographic design as above.
Artistic photographic studio of Johann Krzanowski. An interesting design of  a woman's head (with wing) as a flame on a melting candle.

Plates kept for supplementary orders.

Two studio addresses listed on the backing:

Herrengasse 16 and
Kochanowskigasse 5


Yet another lithographic design. These are the Schechter brothers. Both studio addresses are given here, i.e. Herrengasse 16 and Kochanowskigasse 5, yet the latter is the one that's inscribed on the front (which probably means that's the studio location where the photo was taken.)


Baby Edith poses here in this 1908 photo at the Krzanowski studio.

The studio imprint indicates that the studio is located at Herrengasse 39.

Edith also visited the same studio two years later and took the photo below.


Art Institute for
Modern Photography
J. Krzanowski
Chamber Photographer,
Czernowitz address: Herrengasse 39

"The original plates are kept for supplementary orders. Enlargements can be made after the initial photograph is taken."
Plate 1910

Medals displayed are for awards at exhibitions in such places as Bucharest in 1900, Karlsbad, and Preliczka in 1889, etc.


Rudi Feuerstein,


Here the studio is located on Herrengasse 39, in his own home.

Eugen Institute of Art for modern photography?


Unidentified Woman,
surname perhaps Heller.

The name of the woman pictured left is unknown, though her family name may have been Heller.

At this time the Krzanowski studio was located on Kochanowskigasse 5. As stated above, a second Krzanowski studio at one time was located at Herrengasse 16.

All that is known about the man in the photo is that his surname was Lobel.

Since the photo backing associated with the photo below this one is dated 1912 and has the same backing, one might surmise that it was taken cir 1912, but one can't be sure.


Berta Brandes
Bruno Meisler,
16 Jun 1912.

Berta was the principal
of the "Meislerschule."

Art Institute for
Modern Photography
J. Krzanowski
Chamber Photographer,
Czernowitz address: Herrengasse 39.

Interestingly enough, this is fourth backing is different than the other three (the backing photo is cropped from the original. The studio imprint you see here is located on the top third of the backing. Perhaps the rest of the backing has nothing printed on it so remarks or notes may be made there freely by the photo owner....




This a photo taken at the E. Richter Studios on 18 Herrengasse, year unknown. The subject's name is Phillip Fleiss and he was from Bojan.

Phillip passed away in 1911, so the photo is from a date before that.




was located at Hauptstrasse 16 in Czernowitz. The studio was as least extant cir 1900. He also had at one time a studio in Stanislawow (today's Ivano Frankivsk.)


Yetta Blank,
cir 1900

There is a crest imprinted  on the photo backing with the initials L and R, implying that this is the Rosenbach crest.

"Studio for modern photography and painting"

Again we see that the studio keeps the original plates in case supplementary orders are to be placed.


The Rosenhek studio was located at Franz-Josefs-Platz 4, next to the Franz-Josef Park.

The photograph on the left, taken in 1907, is of baby Lana Todres of Czernowitz.

Interestingly enough, it seems this studio was owned by a woman, not something that was that common in those days (or perhaps just not advertised as such on the photo mount.)

You can see a later photo of young Lana as a teenager under Kleinberger studios, shown below.

Regina Ziegler &
Carl Lieblein, 1910

Friederike Feuerstein &
Adolf Langhaus, 1911

We can see at the bottom of the Ziegler-Lieblein photo that the Rubens Studio operated at Kochanowskigasse 5 in Czernowitz, at least during the years of 1910 and 1911.




"Art Institute/Agency for Modern Photogarphy"

Rubens Studio at this time was located on Herrengasse 16; its entrance was on Kochanowskigasse.

The year of the photo is unknown.





Julius & Gusta Skilnik

A younger
Julius Skilnik


Curiously enough, the Brüll studio was located at the same address as the former Bahrynowicz studio (36 Hauptstrasse)--quite a good location, across the road from the Hotel Moldave. 

Post WWI, the front studio imprint and fancy backing designed seemed to disappear all over Europe, replaced by a simple studio stamp.

Below you can see the studio listed as "Jacob Brüll" (1923);
However, the studio stamp above (1926) has the studio listed as "Bruder Brüll," i.e. "Brothers Brüll."


Unknown boy,

Isidor Fleminger,




  Family member or cousin of Cornel Fleming.
Photo dated Feb. 9, 1927.
Studio address listed as:
Reg. Ferd. 36., which is Regele Ferdinand.



  It seems that Ehrlich and Brüll were once partners, then opened up separate studios, though this is a supposition.

This photo is dated 1914.



  Erich Neuberger is shown here in two Kleinberger studio photos.






Group photo, l. to r.: Duzi and Mizzi Schreiber, Fanny (nee Schreiber) and Kubi Klein, cir mid to late 1920s.



  Mizzi and Duzi Schreiber's wedding day, 12 Oct 1926.
  Lt: Erich and his father Simon Neuberger.

Rt: Erich, Clara and Edith Neuberger, 1922.



Lt: Stefan Halmai, who was from Arad, Transylvania,  married Lena Todres from Czernowitz (Cernauti) in 1926.

Rt: Max (Mesulim) and Pepi Weiner were married in Czernowitz (Cernauti) and are shown here in a 1928 Kleinberger studio photograph.



The photograph on the right is of young Lana Todres and was probably taken cir 1924.

One can see a photograph taken of her by the Rosalie Rosenhek studio of Czernowitz above.





Eda Auerbach, as well as her future husband Herman Bueller, were classical violinists.

The photo on the left of Ida is the photograph taken for her graduation in 1925 from a music conservatory.







The Art Studio Riviera at this time (year unknown) was located on Hauptstrasse 16.
Telephone no. 348.




This single group photograph represents the only photograph in the Museum's collection from this old photographic studio, simply named "Riviera."
The front of this photo mount represents the studio as being on Hauptstrasse 15, though on the photo backing a second location of Postgasse 12 is listed, more specifically the "Stocklöew Passage." The family seen here is the family of Toni Meyer Goldstein Schlessel; the year is unknown.





Grandfather Schechter. Photo taken in 1900.
Studio address: Franz Josefsplatz no.4.






Young Dr. Marcus Kramer.
Date unknown.

From Atelier Riss,
Siebenbürgerstrasse 34 in Czernowitz.

No lithographic imprint on the backing.




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