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Town with a Jewish Past: The Schools of Czernowitz



Please tell us more about the teachers and the students that attended classes here.
If you can, please contact the Museum at .



Graduating Class of 1938

enlarged image

From left to right: 3rd row from top:
Top row
Jaremsky, S.
Dubs, N.?
Delfiner, D.
Alperin, J.
Sokal, A.
Singer, E.
Chinzisky, R.?
Rubel, H.

2nd row from top:
Bendit, A.
Antschel, P. (later Paul Celan)
Hockstadt, J.
Drummer, S., prof. of German
Tudan, E., prof. of Latin
Migula, P., prof. of 1st Geography
Weinblun, Mendel
Hauselmann, J.
Klein, D.


Pesate, J.
Haque, W.
Dospil, J., prof. of Mat.
Turcan, D., prof. of Fiz.
Popovici, S., prof. of Fil, Dept.
Horodinschi, prof. of Rel.
Jungman, W., prof. of  Rel.
Wiznitzer, Abraham
Jliuk, N.?

4th row from top:
Golstein, J.
Selzer, S.
Lutchi, prof. Rel.
Saveanu, D., prof. of St. Nat.
Gainaru, J., prof. Elina
Grigore, V.
Engler, E.

5th row from top:
Nakrabetcki, R.?
Taritchki, V.
Mraczek, A.
Sckorkaut, S.
Madfes, A.
Wrublevrcki, J.

* The names listed above may have misspellings.


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