The Synagogues of New York City

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Former Synagogue List


The following list is composed of synagogues once located in Brooklyn (Kings County). A similar list exists for the synagogues of the Bronx and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Most all of them are no longer active; either the building in which the congregants once worshipped and held meetings is no longer extant or has been converted into some other use. Many of those listed under "Synagogue Name" are actually landsmanshaft (mutual aid) societies.

As shown, the list provides the street address of the building in which they met, the town or country that the organization was once associated with, and of course, the name of the synagogue (or society) itself. The names of towns listed is incomplete, and perhaps some of the entries are incorrect. A worthy effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Surely anyone who can fill in some of the blanks, so to speak, and is certain they know the name of the town and country (according to today's boundaries) that are associated with a particular "synagogue name" not previously identified, may contact the Museum of Family History at . Also, when the name of the rabbi, or "pastor" is known for any of the Brooklyn synagogues, it is included within parentheses, as well as the year of the synagogue's mention (in directories, almanacs, etc.)

One can also see by scanning the list below that many locations housed more than one group of worshippers. One can also surmise that, in a number of these instances, groups that worshipped at the same location also bought burial plots together. This is obviously the case in some instances, but not in all. The Museum hopes this list is useful to many of you.

No.   Street Name   Town Association   Synagogue Name
4050   12th Avenue       Beth El of Borough Park
5000   13th Avenue       Yeshiva Etz Chaim
385   14th Street       Tifereth Israel of South Brooklyn
399   14th Street       Synagogue
6510   17th Avenue       B'nai Jacob
138   17th Street       Synagogue
153   17th Street       B'nai Israel Benevolent Association
157   17th Street       Chesed Shel Emeth of South Brooklyn
  19th Street & Fifth Avenue       B'nai Scholaum
1315   43rd Street       Machzikei Talmud Torah
1315   43rd Street       Yeshiva Toras Emes
1349   50th Street       Young Israel of Boro Park
1349   50th Street       Shulamith School for Girls
1755   63rd Street       Beth Israel Talmud Torah
2025   64th Street       Tifereth Israel
2024   66th Street       Mapleton Park Hebrew Institute
2028   66th Street       Congregation Ahava v'Achva
2165   71st Street       Ahi Ezer Congregation
  85th Street & 22nd Avenue       People's Temple
232   Ainslie Street       Beth Israel
348   Alabama Avenue       Chevre B'nai Abraham
455 (485)   Alabama Avenue       Beth Sholom Tomchei Harav
332   Albany Avenue       The Brooklyn Synagogue
  Albermarle Road & East 21st Street       Shaare Torah
97   Amboy Street       B'nai Israel of Brownsville
139   Amboy Street   Radoshkovichi, Belarus   Chevre Torah Anshe Radishkowitz
196   Amboy Street       Agudath Achim Anshe Sfard
  Arlington & Bradford Avenues       Temple Sinai
336   Ashford Street       Chevre Chaye Adam
344   Ashford Street       Anshe Munshe
481   Ashford Street       Crowning Glory of Israel
447 (528)   Ashford Street       Atereth Tifereth Israel
308   Atkins Avenue       Talmud Torah Anshei Zedek
368   Atlantic Avenue       Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Joseph
1721   Avenue J       Ocean Avenue Synagogue
  Avenue R & East 16th Street       Temple Ahavath Sholom
482   Barbey Street       Chevre Atereth Zvi of East New York
89   Barret Street       Nachlas Hosiah
8669   Bay 16th Street       Shaarei Torah
79   Bay 22nd Street       Sons of Israel    
48   Bay 28th Street       Young Israel of Bensonhurst
6420   Bay Parkway       Congregation Beth Hillel
  Bay Parkway & 85th Street       Knesseth Israel d'Bath Beach
1835   Bay Ridge Parkway       Tifereth Israel of Bensonhurst
11   Beaver Street       Beth Aaron   
260   Bedford Avenue       Synagogue
491   Bedford Avenue       Tifereth Israel
559   Bedford Avenue       Synagogue
563   Bedford Avenue       Young Israel of Brooklyn
620   Bedford Avenue       B'nai Israel
904   Bedford Avenue       Beth Jehudah
2059   Bedford Avenue       Judea Center Synagogue
2170   Bedford Avenue       Young Israel of Prospect Park
2252   Bedford Avenue       Shaarei Torah
  Bedford Avenue & Church Avenue       Brooklyn Talmudical Academy (TA)
  Bedford Avenue & Church Avenue       Bais Rachel Girls Yeshiva
  Bedford Avenue & Dean Street       United Lubavitch Yeshivoth
  Bedford Avenue & Lafayette Avenue       Temple Israel (1893: A. H. Geismar)
  Bedford Avenue & Snyder Avenue       Central Yeshiva High School for Girls
961   Bergen Street       Ohel Isaac
1902   Bergen Street       Yeshivat Hagro
368   Berriman Street       Oheb Zedek
35   Blake Avenue       Kenesseth Israel Beth Jacob
142   Blake Avenue       Anshei Steibts
318   Blake Avenue       Hassidic Rabbi Stetin
502   Blake Avenue       Yeshivath Rabbi Hersch Leib Berlin
522   Blake Avenue   Zhitomir, Ukraine   Zitomer Chevre
537   Blake Avenue       Beth Israel Talmud Torah
662   Blake Avenue       Chevre Mishnayes Beth Jacob
  Boerum Place & State Street       Baith Israel
172   Boerum Street       Chevre Anshei Tov of Brooklyn
345   Bridge Street       Mount Sinai    
17   Bristol Street   Neshvizh, Belarus?   Anshe Neshwitz
49   Bristol Street       Poale Zedek
113   Bristol Street       Beth Abraham
115   Bristol Street       Agudath Achim Anshe Homb Tzerougon
215   Bristol Street       First Deshower Anshe Sphard
219   Bristol Street       Niewesser Old Friends of Brownsville
361   Bristol Street   Kiyev, Ukraine   Kiever & Homler Congregation
375   Bristol Street   Ostrolenka, Poland   Ahavath Israel Anshe Ostrolenko
176   Brooklyn Avenue       Shaare Zion
285   Buffalo Avenue       Beth Jacob
270 (285)   Buffalo Avenue       Sheveth Achim    
1032   Carroll Street       Machne Chodosh
1419   Carroll Street   Lancut, Poland   Lanzuter Congregation Beth David
1612   Carroll Street       Adath Jacob
28   Chester Street       Anshe Jesierna
31   Chester Street       Peilishe Chosidim
123   Chester Street   Dokshitsy, Belarus   Anshe Dokshitz
167   Chester Street       Agudath Achim Anshei Homel
169   Chester Street       Nachlath Israel
182   Chester Street   Lubaczow, Poland   Bikur Cholim Anshei Libishov of Brownsville
324   Chester Street       Kol Israel of Brownsville
427   Chester Street       Anshe Zedek Nusach Ari
436   Chester Street       Chevre T'hillim Kesser Torah Israel
  Chester Street & Riverdale Avenue       Anshei Zimblin
65   Christopher Avenue       Chevre B'nai Aaron
100   Christopher Avenue       Kol Israel of Brownsville
141   Christopher Avenue       Tifereth B'nai Jacob
199   Christopher Avenue   Zhitomir, Ukraine   Ohel Abraham (Zitomer)
199   Christopher Avenue       Hachnosath Orchim Hagadol Tifereth Zion u'Jerusalem
228   Christopher Avenue   Radoshkovichi, Belarus?   Achim B'nai Israel Anshei Radish Konitz
349   Christopher Avenue       Beth Israel of Brownsville
9102   Church Avenue       Yeshiva Rabbi David Lubowitz
109   Clara Street       Linath Hazedek    
  Cleremont & Willoughby Avenues       Fort Greene Jewish Center
464   Cleveland Street       Chevre Anshei Chaye Adam
  Columbia Street       Achai Israel
1343   Coney Island Avenue       Jewish Communal Center
  Coney Island Avenue & Neptune Avenue       Beth Jacob of Brighton Beach
13   Cook Street       Ziphrah Zered
18   Cook Street       Chevre Beth Aaron Koydinow
44   Cook Street       Cook Street Synagogue (1893: Philip Feldblum)
48   Cook Street       Tifereth Israel
71   Cook Street       Chevre Agudath Achim Anshei Brooklyn
103   Cook Street   Bukowina, Galicia   Chevre Rabenu Chaim Hager Anshei Galicia Bukowina
1618   Cornelia Street       Agudas Israel of Ridgewood
2310   Cortelyou Road       Kesser Torah of Flatbush
310   Crown Street       Yeshiva of Crown Heights
377   Crown Street       K'hal Machzikei Hadas
765   Crown Street       Tomche Torah
822   Crown Street       Tifereth B'nai Jacob
514   Dahill Road       First Congregation of Kensington Tifereth Israel
2134   Dean Street       Bikur Cholim B'nai Jacob
2220   Dean Street       Chevre Mishnayeth
73   Debevoise Street       House of Abraham
928   DeKalb Avenue       B'nai Jacob Joseph d'Brooklyn
724   Driggs Avenue   Myszyniec, Poland   Agudath Achim Anshei Mishnitz
726   Driggs Avenue       Adath Jeshurun Anshei Sphard
339   Dumont Avenue       Anshe Sphard
403   Dumont Avenue   Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland   Anshei Petrikov mi'Brownsville
551   Dumont Avenue       Ahavath Achim Sdey Chodosh
  Dumont Avenue & Howard Avenue       Moshav Zkeinim Synagogue
305   East 21st Street       Shaare Torah of Flatbush
203   East 37th Street       Ahavath Achim of Flatbush
877   East 47th Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol
347   East 49th Street       Tifereth Yehudah
438   East 49th Street       Young Israel of Rugby
779   East 49th Street       Jewish Center of Hyde Park
810   East 49th Street       Shaare Israel
  East 49th Street & Rutland Road       Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Synagogue
492   East 51st Street       Agudas Achim Anshe Harodic
35   East 52nd Street       Talmud Torah Tushiah
407   East 53rd Street       B'nai Abraham of East Flatbush
158   East 56th Street       Poale Agudath Israel of East Flatbush
888   East 56th Street       Glenwood Jewish Center
619   East 76th Street       Young Israel of Redwood
923   East 83rd Street       Athereth Israel (1924-5)
348   East 92nd Street       Shaarey Zion
68   East 94th Street   Monastyriska, Ukraine   Chevre Nachlas Joshua Chasidei Monastritsch
196   East 94th Street   Ternovka, Ukraine   Achim Ternovker
80   East 95th Street   Lubavichi, USSR?   Chevre Bikur Cholim Anshei Libuwitz
409   East 95th Street       Yeshiva Rishon l'Zion
1453   East New York Avenue       B'nai Israel Anshe Oizer Tov
1458   East New York Avenue       Chevre Ahavath Achim
667   Eastern Parkway       The Brooklyn Jewish Center
711   Eastern Parkway       Beth Ieshaje
829   Eastern Parkway       Ahavath Torah   
881   Eastern Parkway       Netzach Israel
881   Eastern Parkway       Aitz Chaim
885   Eastern Parkway       Chovevei Torah (Murphy's Shul)
937   Eastern Parkway       Young Israel of Eastern Parkway
1148   Eastern Parkway       Temple Sinai
1154   Eastern Parkway       Poale Agudath Israel of Crown Heights
1237   Eastern Parkway       Synagogue
1367   Eastern Parkway       B'nai Mordechai    
1403   Eastern Parkway       Adath Jeshurun
1700   Eastern Parkway       Beth Jacob
512   Elton Street       Chevre T'hillim    
489   Empire Boulevard       Chevre Ahavath Achim Anshei Sphard
599   Empire Boulevard       Beth Am  
646   Empire Boulevard       Beth Aaron
709   Empire Boulevard       Sons of Israel    
151   Engert Avenue       Anshei Sholom of Greenpoint
2811   Farragut Road       Young Israel of Vanderveer Park
534   Flatbush Avenue       Prospect Park Jewish Community Center
859   Flatbush Avenue   Bialystok, Poland   Bialystoker Bikur Cholim
87 (115)   Fountain Avenue       Talmud Torah Atereth Israel of Cypress Hills
  Fourth Avenue & 49th Street       Congregation Emanuel
  Fourth Avenue & 54th Street       B'nai Israel
582   Gates Avenue       Esrath Israel
726   Gates Avenue       Sons of Abraham
820   Gates Avenue       Beautiful Temple of Israel
1374   Gates Avenue       Ahavath Israel
445   Georgia Avenue       Chevre B'nai Isaach Nusach Ho'ari
27   Glenmore Avenue       B'nai Israel Ossei Torah
135   Glenmore Avenue       Israel of Brownsville
137   Glenmore Avenue       Gemilas Chesed of Greater New York
274   Glenmore Avenue       Congregation Eliezer of East New York
503   Glenmore Avenue       Agudath Achim B'nai Jacob
78   Grafton Street       Linath Hazedek
14   Graham Avenue       Bikur Cholim
1006   Greene Avenue       B'nai Adath Kol Beth Israel
  Greene Avenue, near Carlton Avenue       Temple Israel
161   Harrison Avenue       Ahavath Achim
236   Harrison Avenue       Beth Israel Anshe Emes
220   Hegeman Avenue       Star of Israel
969   Hegeman Avenue       Darchai Zedek
394   Hendrix Street       Ahavath Chesed
450   Hendrix Street       Chevre Kesher
747   Hendrix Street       Talmud Torah Atereth Eliezer Glovinsky
859   Hendrix Street       B'nai Israel
23   Herzl Street       Chevre Machzike Adath Anshe Sphard
23   Herzl Street       Zirei Agudath Israel
63   Herzl Street       Anshei Chesed of Brooklyn
88   Herzl Street       Chevre Chai Odom Anshe Brownsville
216   Herzl Street   Russia   First Sebelewker Anshe Russia
238   Herzl Street       Beth Hamedrash Chadever
493   Herzl Street   Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland   Petrikower Anshe Shard of Brownsville
526   Herzl Street       Beth Israel
21   Hinsdale Street       Keter Zion Angerov
133   Hinsdale Street       B'nai Eliezer of East New York
295   Hinsdale Street       Toras Yechiel
315   Hinsdale Street       Ohel Abraham    
420   Hinsdale Street   Piaski, Belarus   Anshe Piask
665   Hinsdale Street       Synagogue
136   Hooper Street       Synagogue
315   Hooper Street       Knesseth Israel B'nai Abraham
100   Hopkins Street   Hungary   B'nai Abraham Anshei Hungary
228   Hopkins Street   Romania   Brooklyn Roumanian-American Congregation First Beth Tphilah
316   Hopkinson Avenue   Poland   Beth Hasidim Anshei Poland Degel B'nai Eretz Israel
436   Hopkinson Avenue   Turov, Belarus   Anshe Turover
453   Hopkinson Avenue       Adath B'nai Israel
453   Hopkinson Avenue       Young Men's Hebrew Leage Misrachi Congregation
521   Hopkinson Avenue       Hebrew Ladies Day Nursery Congregation
554   Hopkinson Avenue       Society for Hebrew Deaf Congregation
770   Hopkinson Avenue       Beth Abraham
857   Hopkinson Avenue       Agudas Achim
885   Hopkinson Avenue   Ozarichi, Belarus?   Anshe Azaritz
  Hopkinson Avenue & Sumner Avenue       Beth Hifah
  Hopkinson Avenue & Sutter Avenue       Young Israel of Brownsville
298   Howard Avenue       Oheb Zedek
425   Howard Avenue       Tifereth Hagaon Rabbi Eliezer
425   Howard Avenue       Tifereth Hagro Talmud Torah
770   Howard Avenue   Turov, Belarus   Anshei Turov
770   Howard Avenue       Chevre Beth Abraham
813   Howard Avenue       Brooklyn Hebrew Home & Hospital
  Howard Avenue & Atlantic Avenue       B'nai Zedek
366   Hudson Avenue       Beth Hachneseth Shel Noach Levy
32   Humboldt Street   Poland   Chevre B'nai Abraham Anshei Poland
742   Jefferson Avenue       Ahavath Chesed
954   Jefferson Avenue       Synagogue
495   Jerome Street       Atereth Zvi
503   Jerome Street       Chevre Tomchei Zedakah
124   Johnson Avenue       Beth Hachneseth d'Chevre B'nai David
  Johnson Avnue, near Ewen Street       Ahavath Achim
274   Keap Street   Brest, Belarus   Pride of Israel Anshe Brisk
274   Keap Street       Khal Kodesh Beth Elohim (1893: Leopold Wintner)
274   Keap Street       Chevre Anshei Sfard
326   Keap Street, near South Fifth       Beth Jacob (1893: M. Rosenberg) - Anshei Emeth Talmud Torah
3131   Kings Highway       Rambam Yeshiva
9517-37   Kings Highway       B'nai Israel Jewish Centre
221   Kingston Avenue       Shaare Zedek
275   Kingston Avenue       B'nai Jacob of Eastern Parkway
476   Kosciusko Street       Synagogue
691   Lafayette Avenue       Agudas Balebatim
691   Lafayette Avenue       Aitz Chaim
403   Legion Street       Beth Abraham
1152   Lenox Road       Jewish Congregation
  Lenox Road & East 55th Street       Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard
19   Leonard Street   Galicia   Oheb Sholom Anshei Sfard Galicia
99   Leonard Street       B'nai Abraham Anshei Brooklyn
3   Lewis Avenue   Bialystok, Poland   Bialystoker Bikur Cholim
904   Liberty Avenue       Atereth Israel
1477   Lincoln Place       Etz Chaim Machzikei Hadas
1616   Lincoln Place       Jewish Congregation
123   Linden Boulevard       Jewish Home for the Aged
661   Linden Boulevard       East Flatbush Jewish Center
1380   Linden Boulevard       Boulevard Jewish Center
592   Linwood Street       Chevre T'hillim Nusach Ashkenaz
396   Logan Street       Chevre Ahavath Achim B'nai Abraham
  Lorimer & Stagg Streets       Ahavath Chesed
305   Lott Avenue   Tykocin, Poland?   Tiktiver (Tiktiner?) Congregation
309   Lott Avenue       Moriah Congregation
87   Louisiana Avenue       Darshay Tov
41   Malta Street       Alleppo Congregation - Agudath Achim Anshei New Lots
71   Malta Street       Synagogue of Friendship, Truth & Brotherhood Kastorialis
31   Manhattan Avenue   Krasilov, Ukraine   Chevre Sphard Anshei Krasilev
51   Manhattan Avenue       Chevre Sphard    
56   Manhattan Avenue   Sighet, Romania   Chevre Agudath Achim Wisnist Anshei Marmarish
955   Manhattan Avenue       Synagogue
153   Marcy Avenue       Beth Sholom    
260   Marcy Avenue       Synagogue
519   Marcy Avenue       B'nai Jacob
592   Marcy Avenue       Kahal Ahavas Achim
1706   McDonald Avenue       Chevre Shas & Mishnayes of Flatbush
153   McKibbin Street   Odessa, Ukraine   Chevre Shaarei Tphillah Sphard Anshei Odessa
153   McKibbin Street       Beth Yeshaje
184   McKibbin Street   Klodawa, Poland   Mikro Kodesh Anshe Klodovo
77   Meeker Avenue       B'nai Joseph   
2301   Mermaid Avenue       Shaare Zedek of Coney Island
61   Meserole Street       Beth Talmud Torah
674   Metropolitan Avenue       Ahavath Achim
674   Metropolitan Avenue       Williamsburg Congregation Benevolent Society
82   Montgomery Street       Menuchat Usher
12   Moore Street   Poland   Sheveth Achim Anshei Ratshos Poland
33   Moore Street       Kamin Kashersk Anshei Sphard
46   Moore Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Williamsburg
50   Moore Street       Beth Haknesseth Adath B'nai Israel
50   Moore Street       Chevre Beth Yakov Zvie
93   Moore Street       Chevre Kadische
104   Moore Street   Berdichev, Ukraine   Bertichev Chevre Anshei Sphard
113   Moore Street   Lubien Kujawski, Poland   Etz Chaim Anshei Lubin
125   Moore Street       Zemach Zedek
26   Morell Street       Ohav Sholom
103   Morell Street   Stolin, Belarus   Agudath Achim Anshei Stolin
144   Newport Street       Talmud Torah Ezrath Achim
327   Ninth Street       B'nai Scholaum
401   Ninth Street       B'nai Scholaum
108   Noble Street       Ahavath Israel of Greenpoint
110   Noble Street       Beth El (1893: M. J. Luebke)
153   Ocean Avenue       Prospect Park Jewish Center
211   Ocean Avenue       Orthodox Congregation Lomdei Torah
1010   Ocean Avenue       Community Temple Beth Ohr
1395   Ocean Avenue       Progressive Shaari Zedek
3007   Ocean Avenue       B'nai Israel
35   Osborne Street       Machzikei Hadeth Anshe Sphard of Brownsville
176   Osborne Street       Kol Israel of Brownsville
181   Osborne Street   Nemirov, Ukraine   Anshei Nemirov
279   Osborne Street       Ahenu B'nai Israel Nusach Ashkenaz
305   Osborne Street       Bikur Cholim Anshe Sphard
306   Osborne Street   Volkovysk, Belarus   Adath Walkovisk of Brownsville
314   Osborne Street       Anshe Osaretz
315   Osborne Street   Kobrin & Antopole, Belarus   Gemilath Chasodim Anshei Kobrin Horodetz & Antopole
354   Osborne Street       Machzikei Torah
461   Osborne Street   Austria   Gemilath Chasodim Anshei Austria
607   Osborne Street   Zhitomir, Ukraine?   Anshei Zitower
1676   Park Place       Anshe Chesed  
1703   Park Place   Lubaczow, Poland   Beth David Nusach Sphard Anshe Lubashaw
1741   Park Place       Chevre B'nai David
1933   Park Place       Beth Aaron
  Park Place       Chevre Kadisha Anshei Emeth
163   Parkville Avenue       Saratoga Jewish Center
255   Penn Street       Synagogue
276   Pennsylvania Avenue       Chevre B'nai Jacob Anshei Sphard
341   Pennsylvania Avenue       Linas Hazedek v'Esras Achim
363   Pennsylvania Avenue       Glory of Israel Hebrew Institute
644   Pennsylvania Avenue       New Lots Talmud Torah
1794   Pitkin Avenue       Adath Israel of Brownsville
1827   Pitkin Avenue   Poland   Beth Chassidim Anshei Poland
1861   Pitkin Avenue       B'nai Israel of Brownsville
1946   Pitkin Avenue       Adath Grail of Brownsville
  Pitkin Avenue & Douglas Street       Anshe Chesed
124   Powell Street       Kol Israel of Brownsville
454   Powell Street       Young Judah Tifereth Bahurim
460   Powell Street       Harav Ez Haim Ein Jacob
462   Powell Street       Jewish Center of Young Judah
1060   President Street       Young Israel of Botanic Gardens
1060   President Street       Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Joseph
1115   President Street       Beth David of Crown Heights
1437   President Street       Avodath Israel
136   Prospect Avenue       B'nai Scholaum
136   Prospect Avenue       B'nai Jacob
554   Prospect Place       Temple Isaac
1607   Prospect Place       Beth David
1657   Prospect Place   Makow Mazowiecki, Poland   Beth Joseph Anshe Makawer
1819   Prospect Place       Re'im Ahuvim
1885   Prospect Place       Tifereth Israel Talmud Torah
1899   Prospect Place       Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
16   Putnam Avenue       Shaare Zedek
767   Putnam Avenue       Shaare Zedek
708   Quincy Street       Shaare Zedek
710   Quincy Street       Ahavath Achim
373   Ralph Avenue       Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum
412   Ralph Avenue       Sheveth Achim
575   Ralph Avenue       Beth Hakneseth Ohel Moshe
659   Ralph Avenue       Temple Israel
  Ralph Avenue, b. Bergen & Dean       Chevre Agudas Achim
276   Reid Avenue       Beth Jacob
105   Riverdale Avenue       Ahavath Achim Anshe Brownsville
217   Riverdale Avenue       Zembiner Benevolent Congregation
261   Rochester Avenue       Temple Petach Tikvah
93   Rockaway Avenue       Tifereth Israel Anshe Brownsville
612   Rockaway Avenue       Chevre Anshe Sphard Talmud Torah
695   Rockaway Avenue       Kohler Brownsville Congregation
57   Rockaway Parkway       Ohav Sholom
643   Rockaway Parkway       Levi Yitzchok Stepnav Congregation
98   Rockaway Road       Linath Hazedek
236   Rogers Avenue       Young Israel of Botanic Gardens     
877   Rutland Road       Talmud Torah Ahavath Reyim
337   Sackman Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Brownsville
410   Sackman Street   Poland   Anshei Nemirov
410   Sackman Street       Ahavath Achim Anshei Poland
441   Sackman Street   Chernigov, Ukraine   Chevre Agudath Achim Plech Chernigow
441   Sackman Street   Volkovysk, Belarus   Adath Wolkowisker of Brownsville
580   Sackman Street       Yeshiva Torah mi'Zion
603   Sackman Street   Stepina, Poland   Anshei Stepiner
700   Sackman Street       Beth Israel
760   Sackman Street       Talmud Torah Moriah
760   Sackman Street       Ahavath v'Achdus Israel
771   Sackman Street       Beth Israel of Brownsville
176   Saratoga Avenue       Hebrew Educational Center
297   Saratoga Avenue       Yeshivath HaGaon Rabbi Elijah
321   Saratoga Avenue       Yeshiva Hagro
373   Saratoga Avenue   Poland   Linath Hacholim Anshei Poland
379   Saratoga Avenue       Congregation Sphard Ameth
855   Saratoga Avenue       Agudath Achim Anshei Harodic
437   Schenck Avenue       Mogen Abraham of East New York
818   Schenck Avenue       East New York Jewish Center
777   Schenectady Avenue       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of East Flatbush
305   Schermerhorn Street       Mount Sinai Congregation
98   Scholes Street       Ahavath Sholom Beth Aaron
311   Sea Breeze Avenue       Gemilas Chesed    
335   Sheffield Avenue       Chevre Mishnayes of East New York
23   Siegel Street   Austria   Tifereth Israel of Austria
40   Siegel Street   Austria   Chevre Ahavath Achim Anshei Sphard of Austria
42   Siegel Street       B'nai Jacob
90   Siegel Street       Shaarei Torah of Brooklyn
137   Smith Street       Anshei Kether
247   Snediker Avenue   Pereyaslav Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine   Independent Chevre Sphard of Pereyaslov
524   Snediker Avenue   Poland   Chevre Sfard Anshei Poland
725   Snediker Avenue       Chevre Ohev Sholom Anshei New Lots
113   South 2nd Street       Adas Yeshurun Anshei Sfard
199   South 2nd Street       Adas Yeshurun   
352   South 2nd Street       Synagogue
141   South 3rd Street       Torah Vodaath High School
274   South 3rd Street       Beth Jacob Anshe Sholom
322   South 4th Street       Synagogue
275   South 5th Street       Chevrer Liady Nusach Ho'Ary
143   South 8th Street       Synagogue
86   South 9th Street       Tfilah Moshe
171   South 9th Street       Kahal Raatzfert
267   South First Street       Beth Aaron of Brooklyn
1796   St. Johns Place       Chevre Torah Anshe Chesed
1552   St. Marks Place       First Sfardi Tiferes Israel
1590   St. Marks Place       Beth Aaron
1698   St. Marks Place       Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Congregation
163   Stanhope Street       Anshe Emes
657   Stanley Avenue       Synagogue
858   Stanley Avenue       B'nai Jonah
305   State Street       Mount Sinai Congregation
  State Street; near Hoyt       Beth Elohim (1893: G. Taubenhaus)
1758   Sterling Place       Chevre Sheveth Achim Anshe Sfard
1811   Sterling Place   Sokolka, Poland   Ein Jacob Anshe Sokolka
1869   Sterling Place       Beth Solomon
188   Stockton Street       Anshe Sphard
396   Stone Avenue       Hebrew Free School
504   Stone Avenue       Chevre Agudath Achim Anshei Sheshew
543   Stone Avenue   Poland   Ahavas Achm Anshei Polin
543   Stone Avenue       Kneseth Israel Beth Jacob
600   Stone Avenue       Talmud Torah Etz Chayim v'Chevre Ein Jacob
617   Stone Avenue   Borisov, Belarus   Chevre Anshei Borizov of Brownsville
623   Stone Avenue       Yeshiva Torah v'Zion
639   Stone Avenue       Talmud Torah Beth Judah
708   Stone Avenue   Kobrin, Belarus   Agudath Achim Gemiluth Hesed Anshe Kobrin
747   Stone Avenue   David Gorodok, Belarus   Agudath Achim Anshe David Hurodoch
467-471   Stone Avenue       Etz Hayim Machzikei Harav Anshei Brownsville
1863   Strauss Street       Hevre Torah Anshe Chesed
52   Stuyvesant Avenue       Synagogue
23   Sumner Avenue   Austria-Hungary   First Austro-Hungarian Beth Sholom
22   Sumner Place   Wolin, Poland   Beth Hakneseth Chevre Sphard Anshe Wohlin
2801   Surf Avenue       Young Israel of Coney Island
167   Sutter Avenue   David Gorodok, Belarus   Agudath Achim Anshei David Hurodoch
267   Sutter Avenue   Lomza, Poland   Chevre Poalei Zedek Anshei Lomza
403   Sutter Avenue   Turov, Belarus?   Anshei Turo
451   Sutter Avenue       Pitkin Jewish Center
866   Sutter Avenue       Sons of Judah
1087   Sutter Avenue       Chevre Anshei Zedek
  Sutter Avenue & Ashford Street       Synagogue
  Sutter Avenue & Barbey Street       Synagogue
64   Tehema Street       Congregation Talmud Torah
4314   Tenth Avenue       Toras Moshe Jewish Center