The Synagogues of New York City

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Former Synagogue List
The Lower East Side of Manhattan


The following list is composed of synagogues once located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (see a more updated list of synagogues on the Lower East Side by visiting the Manhattan synagogue page). Separate lists exist for former synagogues of Brooklyn (Kings County) and the Bronx. Most all of them are no longer active; either the building in which the congregants once worshipped and held meetings is no longer extant or has been converted into some other use. Many of those listed under "Synagogue Name" are actually landsmanshaft (mutual aid) societies.

As shown, the list provides the street address of the building in which they met, the town or country that the organization was once associated with, and of course, the name of the synagogue (or society) itself. The names of towns listed is incomplete, and perhaps some of the entries are incorrect. A worthy effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Surely anyone who can fill in some of the blanks, so to speak, and is certain they know the name of the town and country (according to today's boundaries) that are associated with a particular "synagogue name" not previously identified, may contact the Museum of Family History at .

One can also see by scanning the list below that many locations housed more than one group of worshippers. One can also surmise that, in a number of these instances, groups that worshipped at the same location also bought burial plots together. This is obviously the case in some instances, but not in all. The Museum hopes this list is useful to many of you.

A more extensive and updated list of former Lower East Side synagogues than exists here can be found on the Museum's Manhattan synagogues page.

No. Street Name   Town Association   Synagogue Name
78 Allen Street   Vselyub, Belarus   Anshei Selib
78 Allen Street       Ohel Jacob Chevrah Kadisha
128 Allen Street       Tifereth Israel
165 Allen Street   Birlad, Romania   Fanny Siegel Anshei Berlader
165 Allen Street   Stepantsy, Ukraine   Tifereth Israel Anshei Stepenesht
192 Allen Street   Bucuresti, Romania   Ajutarul Bukarester Handwerker Congregation
9 Attorney Street   Talne, Ukraine   Khal Chasidim
43 Attorney Street   Makow Mazowiecki, Poland   Independent Achim mi'Makower
48 Attorney Street   Rozan, Poland   Khal Chasidim Anshei Razan
50 Attorney Street   Kamenets, Belarus   Adath Jeshurun Anshei Kamenetz
86 Attorney Street   Jaroslaw, Poland   Jaroslower Kehillah
86 Attorney Street   Otynia, Ukraine   Ottyner Family Independent Kehillah
86 Attorney Street   Terebovlya, Ukraine   Trembovler First Kehillah
87 Attorney Street   Dukla, Poland   Dukler Mugaim Abraham
87 Attorney Street   Galicia   First Galician Congregation
88 Attorney Street   Dunayev, Ukraine   Dunajaver First Congregation
93 Attorney Street   Galicia   Buishtiner Chevrah Linath Hazedek Anshei Galicia
93 Attorney Street       Vlodover Slovotticher Gemilath Chasodim Verein
99 Attorney Street   Galicia   Adath Israel Anshei Galicia
99 Attorney Street       Anshei Sfard
99 Attorney Street   Austria-Hungary   Oestreicher Ungarn Anshei Sfard
102 Attorney Street   Sadgura, Ukraine   Chasidei Sadigera Tiphereth Israel Marisin
102 Attorney Street       Karatchiner Rubin Chevrah
137 Attorney Street   Stropkov, Cz   Stropkover Chevrah Joseph Chaim
147 Attorney Street   Ranizow, Poland   Chevrah Help of Israel Anshei Ranizow
149 Attorney Street       Rhonishover Kehillah
150 Attorney Street   L'viv, Ukraine   Lemberger First Chevrah Anshei Ashkenaz
161 Attorney Street   Chelm, Poland   Chelmer Erste Congregation
163 Attorney Street       Yavorower Erste Kehillah
142 Broome Street       Downtown Talmud Torah Institute
201 Broome Street   Lubavichi, USSR?, Gomel, Belarus   Beth Haknesseth Anshei Lubavitz v'Homler
232 Broome Street       Chevrah Ahavath Zedek Anshei Jaskinover
232 Broome Street       Jeshofisar Chevrah
236 Broome Street   Poland   Chevrah Sphard Anshe Poland
269 Broome Street   Turiysk, Ukraine?   Mishnaioth Chasidei Trisk Umikarev
48 Cannon Street       Lutawisker First Chevrah Machzikei Hadath
52 Cannon Street       Chevras Yeshuas Yaakov Anshe Sfard
62 Cannon Street   Austria-Hungary   Austrian-Hungarian Anshei Sphard 
99 Cannon Street       Congregation Addas Yisroel ("Nine and Ninetzeker Shul")
24 Chrystie Street       Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Torah
24 Chrystie Street   Salant, Lithuania   B'nai Israel Salanter Anshei Samut
56 Chrystie Street   Suwalki, Poland   Kol Israel Ansche Suwalk
186 Chrystie Street   Rhodes, Greece   Brotherhood League of Rhodes (Agudath Achim d'Rhodes)
10 Clinton Street       Rodef Sholom
66 Clinton Street       Chevrah Massoth Benjamin Anshe Pohaja
67 Clinton Street   Tlumach, Ukraine   Tlumaczer Congregation
80 Clinton Street       B'nai Moses
80 Clinton Street   Chortkov, Ukraine   Czortkover Rabbi J.M. Shapiro Shul
80 Clinton Street       First Linath Hazedek Anshei Potoklotz
82 Clinton Street       Praskwerer Zion Congregation
90 Clinton Street   Lipno, Poland   B 'nai Lippner Ahavath Israel
90 Clinton Street   Chernyy Ostrov, Ukraine   Chernustruff Verein
90 Clinton Street       Linath Hazedek Anshei Sadikoff
90 Clinton Street       Sedagarer Lutzker
90 Clinton Street       Yaslovitzer Verein
96 Clinton Street       B'nai David Anshe Chorzele & Yanova
96 Clinton Street   Ciechanowiec, Poland   B'nai Jacob Anshei Chechonowze
96 Clinton Street   Gorodenka, Ukraine   Hoaredenker Erste Congregation
151 Clinton Street       New People's Congregation
169 Clinton Street   Wyszkow, Poland   Chevrah Tehillim Anshei Viscover
180 Clinton Street   Ostroleka, Poland   Mogen Abraham Anshei Ostrolenko
225 Clinton Street   Rakow, Poland or Belarus   Beth David Anshei Rakov
225 Clinton Street       Chevrah B'nai Israel Anshei Lamzitze
53 Columbia Street   Zmigrod, Poland   Zmigroder Congregation Benjamin Joseph 
65 Columbia Street   Glinyany, Ukraine   Anshei Gliniany
66 Columbia Street   Belz, Ukraine   Anshei Socol Belz
66 Columbia Street   Zuromin, Poland   Bikur Cholim Anshei Zormin
66 Columbia Street   Tarnogrod, Poland   Tarngroder Benevolent Association
70 Columbia Street   Hungary   Ahavath Achim Anshei Hungary
80 Columbia Street       Koreth B'rith Anshei Sphard
81 Columbia Street       B'nai Samuel Levenson
81 Columbia Street   Modliborzyce, Poland   Madliborzger First Congregation
81 Columbia Street       Mazel Bosetz
81 Columbia Street   Radymno, Poland   Radimer Congregation B'nai Mordechai Menachem
81 Columbia Street   Przemsyl, Poland   Tiphereth Joseph Anshei Przemsyl
88 Columbia Street   Lesko, Poland   Linsker Erste Chevrah Bikur Cholim  
90 Columbia Street   Chervonograd, Ukraine   Christonopoler Congregation B'rith Isaac
90 Columbia Street       Jarychzover Independent Young Men's Benevolent Association
90 Columbia Street   Kreszow, Poland   Kreshover Kehillah
90 Columbia Street       Rabbi Meyer Parmishlauer Sick & Benevolent Association
90 Columbia Street       Shoboshiner Independent Congregation
90 Columbia Street   Tomaszow, Poland   Tamashower Congregation
92 Columbia Street   Krasnik? And Lublin, Poland   Anshei Krashnik Lubliner Gubernia
92 Columbia Street   Dobromil, Ukraine   Dombromiler First Kehillah
92 Columbia Street   Frampol, Poland   Frampoler Erste Kehillah
92 Columbia Street   Sedziszow, Poland   Shendishower Galizianer Erste Congregation
120 Columbia Street       Beth Hamedrash Shearith Israel
122 Columbia Street       Agudath Bachurei Chemed
122 Columbia Street       Bolochover Chevrah Shomrei Sholom
122 Columbia Street       Erste Chevrah Ahawath Israel Anshe Larea
130 Columbia Street        Lantzer Verein
138 Columbia Street   Baligrod, Poland   Baligrader Chevrah Agudath Chaverim
140 Columbia Street   Debica, Poland   Nysander Dembizer Chevrah Machneh Reuben B 'nai Aaron
Crosby Street       Shearith Israel   
178 Delancey Street       Chevrah Kadisha Levy mi 'Barditshov
203 Division Street       B 'nai Simon Solomon Congregation
203 Division Street   Lyuboml, Ukraine   Shomrei Sabbath Anshei Lebovner Wohliner
237 Division Street       Khal Chasidim Anshei Kuronitz
245 Division Street   Lebedevo, Ukraine?   Ahavath Zedek B'nai Lebedowe
245 Division Street   Motel, Belarus   Gemilath Chasodim Anshei Motele
277 Division Street   Jonava, Lithuania?   Shem Tov Anshei Janover 
30 East 1st Street   Chortkov, Ukraine   Czortkover Rabbi D.M. Friedman Congregation
108 East 1st Street   Myszyniec, Poland   Chevrah Agudath Achim Anshei Mishwitz
108 East 1st Street   Podgaitsy, Ukraine   Masas Benjamin Anshe Podhajce
193 East 2nd Street   Zaleshchiki, Ukraine   Zalisczicker Rabenu Ager Erste Verein
207 East 2nd Street       Uscrechker First Kehillah
209 East 2nd Street       Anshei Dubiner
209 East 2nd Street       Broder First B'nai B'rith Association
209 East 2nd Street       Katriner Congregation
214 East 2nd Street   Kirovograd, Ukraine   Anshei Achim Elizabethgrader
214 East 2nd Street       Borochauer Chevrah
214 East 2nd Street   Galicia   Galician Chevrah Freedman
214 East 2nd Street   Mikulintsy, Ukraine   Mikulinzer First Independent Sick Benevolent Association
214 East 2nd Street   Dolina, Ukraine?   Shaarei Tehillah Anshei Doliner
214 East 2nd Street       Sushover Chevrah
214 East 2nd Street       Telchan Seventewaler
214 East 2nd Street   Vashkovtsy, Ukraine   Washkowitzer Bujownian First Sick Benevolent Society
214 East 2nd Street   Monastyrsiska, Ukraine   Yad Charutzim Monesterzisker
214 East 2nd Street   Yednitsy, Moldova   Yednitzer Chevra
218 East 2nd Street   Grimaylov, Ukraine   Rymalover Kehillah B'nai Jacob
223 East 2nd Street   Buchach, Ukraine   Buczaczar First Chevrah
254 East 2nd Street   Rogatin, Ukraine   Rohatyner Young Men's Society
65 East 3rd Street       Chochmath Adam mi'Plinsk Independent Chevrah
291 East 3rd Street   Galicia   Anshei Dushikower Galicia
293 East 3rd Street       Chevra B'nai Israel
297 East 3rd Street   Hungary   Chevrah Bachurim Anshei Ungarn
308 East 3rd Street   Mostiska, Ukraine   Moshcisker Chevrah Gur Arye
388 East 3rd Street       Zion Congregation Talmud Torah of Manhattan  
31 East Broadway       Ohavay Sholom
44 East Broadway       Anshei Emes
44 East Broadway   Maijampole, Lithuania   B'nai Emeth Maryompoler
49 East Broadway       Matte Levi
68 East Broadway   Oshmyany, Belarus   Chevrah Anshei Oshmineh v' Anshei Trab
87 East Broadway       B'nai Israel Anshei Kaidan
98 East Broadway   Kuznica, Poland   Agudath Achim Anshei Kusnitza
98 East Broadway       Yeshibath Rabenu Mordechai Rosenblatt
103 East Broadway   Uzda, Belarus   Ahavath Achim Anshe Usda Ahavath Torah
147 East Broadway   Trzcianne, Poland   Beth Abraham Anshei Trestina
147 East Broadway   Divin, Belarus?   Chevrah Anshei Devin
147 East Broadway   Mir, Belarus   Chevrah Anshei Mir
183 East Broadway       United Hebrew Community
190 East Broadway       Lenas Hazedek
197 East Broadway       People's Synagogue
198 East Broadway       Young Israel of Manhattan
203 East Broadway       Adath Israel  
206 East Broadway   Dubno, Ukraine?   Chevrah Ohel Jacob Anshei Dubna Scherser Chevrah
209 East Broadway       Chevrah B 'nai Menachem
209 East Broadway   Rozan, Poland      Chevrah Etz Chaim Anshei Ruzian
209 East Broadway   Sniadowo, Poland   Chevrah Midrash Anshei Schenedeva
214 East Broadway       Hebrew League
225 East Broadway       Shaarei Bino
227 East Broadway       Beth Haknesseth Proshnitzer Anshei Poland
227 East Broadway       Chavrah Adath Kdoshim Anshei Rozinol
227 East Broadway   Grodno, Belarus   Chevrah Rabenu Nachum Anshei Grodno
227 East Broadway       Chevrah Rodfei Zedek Anshei Ritova
227 East Broadway       Chevrah Tiphereth Israel Anshei Kraulover
246 East Broadway   Bialystok, Poland   Bikur Cholim Anshei Bialystok 
264 East Broadway       Ansia Prelock
174 East Houston Street   Iasi, Romania   Jassy Roumanian Bohusher Congregation
228 East Houston Street   Buchach, Ukraine   Buczaczar Congregation
258 East Houston Street   Choroszcz, Poland?   Choroshower Kehillah
328 East Houston Street   Bolekhov, Ukraine   B'nai Benjamin Moses Anshei Bolechow
328 East Houston Street   Glogow, Poland   Glogauer Verbruderungs Verein
394 East Houston Street       Downtown Talmud Torah    
435 East Houston Street   Rymanow, Poland   B'nai Joseph Anshei Rymanow
436 East Houston Street       Chevrah B'nai Aryei Judah
438 East Houston Street   Kolbuszowa, Poland   Kolbushover B'nai Levi
438 East Houston Street       Mardiher Chevrah B'nai Zion
12 Eldridge Street       Beth Haknesseth Kapolier
12 Eldridge Street   Lyubcha, Belarus   Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun with Anshe Lubitz
83 Eldridge Street       Chevrah Zichru Torath Moshe
87 Eldridge Street   Grodno, Belarus   Chevrah Achei Grodno v'Anshei Staputkin
87 Eldridge Street       Tiphereth Jeshurun
133 Eldridge Street       Agudath Achim Aram Zobah
133 Eldridge Street       Beth El
133 Eldridge Street   Balta, Ukraine   Chevrah Balter Society
133 Eldridge Street   Ciechanowiec, Poland   Chevrah B'nai Moshe Anshei Neesta Chechonavitz
133 Eldridge Street   Pultusk, Poland?   Chevrah Rodfei Sholom Anshei Polutzk
133 Eldridge Street   Bessarabia   Hatika Bessarabia Erste Kehillah
133 Eldridge Street       Ostrer First Oheb Sholom
175 Eldridge Street   Kurland, Latvia   Agudas Achim Anshei Kurland
175 Eldridge Street   Wyszogrod, Poland   B'nai Jacob David Anshei Wishograd
193 Eldridge Street       Chevrah Achei Joseph
9 Essex Street   Kraziai, Lithuania   Chevrah B'nai Kodesh Anshei Kroz
100 Essex Street       Dorshei Tov Dobroczynshe
131 Essex Street       Chevrah Ahavath Achim Anshei Bilsk
20 Forsyth Street   Poland   Kol Israel Anshei Poland
22 Forsyth Street   Pinsk, Belarus   Chevrah Dorshay Tov Anshei Pinsk
27 Forsyth Street   Suwalki, Poland   Mishkan Israel Suwalki
80 Forsyth Street   Raczki, Poland?   Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Torah & Anshei Ratzk u'Matte Levi
85 Forsyth Street   Romania   Agudath Achim l'Ylidei Roumania
85 Forsyth Street       Dorshei Zedek Anshei Krivitz
86 Forsyth Street   Nowogrod, Poland   Chevrah B'nai Hashvotim Anshei Novogrod
98 Forsyth Street   Bitola, Yug   Ahavath Sholom Monastir
98 Forsyth Street   Ioannina, Greece   Ahavath v'Achvath Janina
98 Forsyth Street   Resekne, Latvia   Bethlehem Judah B'nai Resitze
98 Forsyth Street       Chevra Ara Roschra
98 Forsyth Street       Tiphereth Achim    
106 Forsyth Street   Minsk, Belarus   American Minsker Gemilath Chesed
106 Forsyth Street       Malener Chevrah
106 Forsyth Street   Odessa, Ukraine   Odesser Congregation
123 Forsyth Street       Nachal Isaac Dorshei Tov
126 Forsyth Street       Beth Haknesseth Poalei Zedek Anshei Ileya 
144 Goerck Street   Sokolow ?, Poland   Sokolover First Congregation Anshei Yosher
153 Goerck Street       Rabbi Solomon Shapiro Anshei Minkacs
40 Gouveneur Street       Anshei Lefler
40 Gouveneur Street       Anshei Shzedriner
40 Gouveneur Street       Menachem Zion Nusach Ari
311 Grand Street   Smorgon, Belarus   Smargona Chevrah Kadisha
311 Grand Street       Wohlin Chevrah Anshei Malzer
380 Grand Street   Serock, Poland   Chevrah Tiphereth Achim Anshei Sirotsk  
380 Grand Street       Eliezer Damasek Congregation
385 Grand Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol d'Sphardim
385 Grand Street   Kamenets, Belarus   Cochav Jacob Anshei Kamenitz d'Lita
387 Grand Street       Luborner Wohliner Verein
410 Grand Street   Poland   Chevrah Beth Chasidim d'Poland
436 Grand Street   Turiysk, Ukraine   Chesed l'Abraham Anshei Trisk
38 Henry Street       Chaari Zedek
85 Henry Street       Obavai Sholom
85 Henry Street       Toldoth Isaac Nusach Sphard
89 Henry Street   Timkovichi, Belarus   Ahavath Zedek Anshei Timkowitz
89 Henry Street   Minsk, Belarus   Chave Boysim Anshei Minsk
89 Henry Street       Progressive Brothers of Neshives
97 Henry Street   Minsk, Belarus   Chai'ei Adam Anshei Minsk
135 Henry Street   Dyatlovo, Belarus   Chevra Mishkan Anshei Zetel
136 Henry Street   Anyksciai, Lithuania   B'nai Pithechei Teshuva Anshei Anikst
136 Henry Street   Konstantynow, Poland   Chevrah Anshei Alt Konstantin
156 Henry Street       Agudas Anshei Mamud u 'Bais Vaad Lachachomim
156 Henry Street   Minsk, Belarus   Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Association
156 Henry Street       Pochavitzer Congregation
161 Henry Street       Degel Machneh Israel
165 Henry Street       Memorial Rabbi Jacob Joseph
169 Henry Street   Slonim, Belarus   Beth Abraham Chasidim d'Slonim
169 Henry Street   Lubavichi, USSR     Chasidei Libawitz
169 Henry Street   Pereyaslav Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine   Chevrah Sphard Anshei Pereyaslow
184 Henry Street   Bobruysk, Belarus   Chevra Anshei Babroyska
184 Henry Street       Chevrah Nusach Ho'ari
184 Henry Street   Pruzhany, Belarus   Mishkan Israel Anshei Pruzina
184 Henry Street       Zemach Zedek Nusach Ari
193 Henry Street   Vilijampole, Lithuania   Adath Jacob Anshei Slabodke
193 Henry Street   Sokolka, Ukraine?   Linath Hazedek Anshei Sakolka
197 Henry Street       Anshei Torah Chesed
197 Henry Street   Goworowo, Poland   B'nai Aaron Solomon Chevra Anshei Thillim m'Govrove
197 Henry Street   Telsiai, Lithuania   Chevra B'nai Joshua Anshei Telz
197 Henry Street   Daugavpils, Latvia   Tiphereth Achim Anshei Dunaberg
203 Henry Street   Bobruysk, Belarus   Anshei Bobruisk
203 Henry Street   Makow Mazowiecki, Poland   Anshei Makover of Polen
203 Henry Street   Gorodets, Belarus   Jeshuat Jacob Anshei Horadezer
203 Henry Street       Kosher Butcher Retailers' Independent Association
203 Henry Street       Yeshiva Rabbi Jacob Joseph
217 Henry Street   Lyakhovichi, Belarus   B'nai Isaac Anshei Lechowitz
240 Henry Street   Szczuczyn & Grajewo, Poland   Chevrah  Anshei Stuchin & Grayewa
240 Henry   Grajewo, Poland   Greiver Congregation
240 Henry Street       P'eir Israel Anshei Yodnover
295 Henry Street       Chevra Beth Hillel
9 Hester Street       Beth Elijah
9 Hester Street   Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland?   Ostrover Congregation
21 Hester Street   Kolno, Poland   B'nai Jeshurun Anshei Kolni
23 Hester Street   Lomza and Gac, Poland   Chochmath Adam Anshei Lomza v'Gotch   
38 Hester Street       Talmud Torah
55 Hester Street       Knesseth Israel
67 Hester Street       Rote Toe Shelim
70 Hester Street   Romania   First Roumanian Congregation
85 Hester Street       Beth Hamedrash Beth Isaac
85 Hester Street   Zambrow,  Poland   Chevra Anshei Zembrova
92 Hester Street   Vinnitsa, Ukraine   Ahavath Sholom Anshei Winetza
93 Hester Street   Lyakhovichi, Belarus   B'nai Isaac Anshei Lechowitz
99 Hester Street   Tscharnie/Tacharna?   Oheb Sholom Anshei Charny
101 Hester Street   Lomza, Poland   Chai'ei Adam Anshei Lomza
101 Hester Street       Chevra Anshei Nevarodok
105 Hester Street   Pisk, Poland?   Chevrah Agudath Achim Anshei Pesk
33 Jefferson Street   Dzerzhinsk, Belarus   Chevrah Anshei Sholom Kaidenow
56 Lewis Street   Ulanow, Poland   Anshei Ulanov & Umgegend
69 Lewis Street       Chevra Kadisha Ez Chaim
84 Lewis Street   Janow Lubelski, Poland   Anshei Yanov Lublensky (Yanow Lubelsky Congregation)
101 1/2 Lewis Street   Gorlice, Poland   Gorlitzer Erste Congregation Machzikei Emeth   
102 Lewis Street       B'nai Moses Joseph Anshei Zasmer & Zaviethast
105 Lewis Street   Dubetsko, Poland   Dubetzker Erste Congregation
115 Lewis Street       Mosaski Chevrah Gur Arye
117 Lewis Street       Bluziver Chevrah Degel Machnei Ephraim
126 Lewis Street       B'nai Mordechai Moses Zvi
15 Ludlow Street   Piatnica, Poland   B'nai Israel Anshei Piontnitza
15 Ludlow Street       Chevrah B'nai Abraham Anshei Oretshe
27 Ludlow Street   Lyubcha, Belarus?   Aaron David Anshei Lubitz
27 Ludlow Street   Kobrin, Belarus   B'nai Moses Chasidei Kobrin
63 Ludlow Street   Drobin, Poland   Drubniner Chevrah
73 Ludlow Street       Duvesaver Erste Independent Congregation  
121 Ludlow Street   Sochaczew, Poland   Chevrah Kadisha Anshei Sochetchov
159 Ludlow Street   Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine   Agudath Achim Misdai Lovon
162 Madison Street       Chevrah B'nai Siraier
162 Madison Street   Krynki, Poland   Chevrah Oheb Sholom Anshei Krinker
209 Madison Street   Borisov, Belarus   Agudath Achim Anshei Barisoff
209 Madison Street   Volozhin, Belarus   Ez Chaim Anshei Wolozin
240 Madison Street       B'nai Moses Anshei Jendzivo
240 Madison Street       Chevrah B'nai Abraham Samuel
240 Madison Street       Tiphereth Jerusalem
260 Madison Street   Krasnopolye, Ukraine   Chevrah B'nai Aryei Anshei Krasnople   
290 Madison Street   Vilnius, Lithuania   Anshei Wilna
320 Madison Street   Berezino, Belarus   Chevrah Mishnaiothol Anshei Berezin
141 (148) Madison Street   Dzerzhinsk, Belarus   Beth Aaron Anshei Kaidonov
30 Market Street   Ivenets, Belarus   Chevrah Anshei Ivenitz
37 Market Street   Smorgon, Belarus   Anshei Smorgin B'nai Chaim Abraham
52 Market Street   Radoshkovichi, Belarus   Chevrah Orach Chaim Anshei Radoshkowitz
Mill (Lane) Street       Shearith Israel
71 Monroe Street   Shatsk, Belarus   Chevrah B'nai Jacob Anshei Shatzk
85 Monroe Street   Sejny, Lithuania   Achei Jacob Anshei Senier
85 Monroe Street       Chevra Mishkan Israel
115 Monroe Street       Ezrath Achim Anshei Vidz
116 Monroe Street       Kether Torah Kehal Chasidim Anshei Kurevitz
122 Monroe Street       Adath Israel
142 Monroe Street       Machzikei Harav
162 Monroe Street       Chevrah Shomrei Emunah Anshei Lubon
238 Monroe Street       Atereth Zkeinim
34 Montgomery Street   Sejny, Lithuania   Machzike Torah Aushar Sineer
35 Montgomery Street   Dolginovo, Belarus   Chevrah Beth Abraham Anshei Dalhiner
63 Montgomery Street   Olshany & Ivye, Belarus   Beth Haknesseth Anshei Olshan v'Anshei Eveun
845 Ninth Avenue       Ahavath Achim
30 Norfolk Street       Chevrah T'hillim Anshei Sterenke
30 Norfolk Street       Gleigeshudler Verein
30 Norfolk Street       Russian Painters Benevolent Association
30 Norfolk Street   Kobrin, Belarus   Shaarei Tphillah Anshei Kobrin
60 Norfolk Street       Chevrah Mishanaioth Shomrei Sabbath
80 Norfolk Street   Brest, Belarus   Agudath Achim Anshei Brisk d'Lita
80 Norfolk Street   Plutsk, Poland   Poltusker Congregation Anshei Poland
119 Norfolk Street       Agudath Achim Anshei Schwinziane
119 Norfolk Street   Pultusk, Poland   B'nai Rabbi Zindel Anshei Pultusk
119 Norfolk Street       Yad Savel
146 Norfolk Street       Ohab Zedek
172 Norfolk Street       Anshe Chesed
172 Norfolk Street   Slonim, Belarus   Anshe Slonim
172 Norfolk Street       Ohab Zedek
20 Orchard Street   Tykocin, Poland   Sons of Jacob Anshei Tiktin
26 Orchard Street       Chevrah Agudath Beth Achim Anshei Stupitz
26 Orchard Street   Ukmerge, Lithuania   Chevrah B'nai Aaron Anshei Vilkomir
26 Orchard Street       Chevrah Rodfei Sholom
26 Orchard Street   Rubezhevichi,Belarus   Chevrah Rodfei Sholom Anshei Rubsevitz
32 Orchard Street   Zhitomir, Ukraine   Anshei Zhitomer u'Lid
32 Orchard Street   Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland   Bikesh Sholom Anshei Ostrova
36 Orchard Street       Chevrah Tiphereth Achim Anshei Sphard 
48* Orchard Street   Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine   Agudat Achim Mesoda Lovon
48 Orchard Street       Chevrah Ohavai Sholom Anshei Sokoley
48 Orchard Street   Medzhibozh, Ukraine   Meshbisher Verein
48 Orchard Street       Shaarei Zedek Chevrah
52 Orchard Street       Beth Haknesseth Sokolower
52 Orchard Street   Korson, Ukraine & ?   Chevrah Ahavath Achim Anshei Bohoslow & Korson
52 Orchard Street   Stolin, Belarus   Chevrah Beth Aaron v'Yisrarel Chasidei Stolin
56 Orchard Street   Uman, Ukraine   Umaner First Congregation Nachelska Chevrah
86 Orchard Street       Pride of the East (Tifereth Mizrach)
119 Orchard Street   Slonim, Belarus   Shevet Achim Anshei Slonim
217 Park Row       Chatham Jewish Center
28 Pike Street   Birzai, Lithuania   Adath Israel Anshei Birz
28 Pike Street   Volkovysk, Belarus   Adath Wolkowisk
28 Pike Street   Eisiskes, Lithuania   Chevra B'nai Abraham Samuel Ashisker
28 Pike Street   Raygorodok, Ukraine   Chevrah Ahavath Achim Anshei Krasna
28 Pike Street   Marijampole, Lithuania   Mariampoler B'nai Emeth
34 Pike Street   Uzda, Belarus   Ahavath Achim Anshei Usda
34 Pike Street   Slutzk, Belarus   Beth Haknesseth Anshei Slutzk
66 Pike Street       Beth  Haknesseth Ahavath Zion
13-15 Pike Street   Kalvarja, Lithuania   Sons of Israel Kalvarier
15 Pitt Street   Radomysl Wielki, Poland   Ahavath Achim Anshei Rodomyz
24 Pitt Street       Anshei Sedid
24 Pitt Street   Medzhibozh, Ukraine   Oheb Israel Anshei Mezhibesh
36 Pitt Street   Peremyshlyany, Ukraine   Rabbi Meir Premyzlower Independent Chevrah
54 Pitt Street   Krakow, Poland   Agudath Achim mi'Krakow
54 Pitt Street       Brith Solam
54 Pitt Street       Pol Zedek
62 Pitt Street       Chevrah Agudath Achim Anshei Fishers
62 Pitt Street   Czernowitz, Ukraine   Chevrah B'nai Jacob Anshei Czernovey
62 Pitt Street   Sudovaya Vishnya, Ukraine   Sondowa Wiszia First Society
64 Pitt Street   Russia   Chasidei Bayon Anshei Russia
64 Pitt Street   Zalin, Belarus   Zaliner Erste Chevrah
80 Pitt Street       Achim v'Reim Anshei Bresdowitz
26 Ridge Street       Sheveth Achim B'nai Levi Anshei Chromsch v'Gometz
33 Ridge Street   Chelm, Poland   Shomrei Hadath Anshei Chelm
73 Ridge Street   Dzhuruv, Ukraine   B'nai Israel Anshei Zurow Galicia
87 Ridge Street   Zolkiew, Poland   Anshel Zolkiev Tvuath Shor
87 Ridge Street   Busko, Poland   Busker B'nai B'rith
87 Ridge Street       Chevrah m'Zudath Zion B'nai Joshua Chariff
87 Ridge Street   Austria   Oestreicher First Chevrah B'nai Rabbi Moses Abbe
89 Ridge Street       Adath Israel
89 Ridge Street   Zborov, Ukraine   Mackzikei Hadath Anshei Zborow
110 Ridge Street       Linath Hazedek Anshei Rosdol
118 Ridge Street       First Zolaszer Ahavath Achim
118 Ridge Street   Zborov, Ukraine   Zboraver First Congregation
122 Ridge Street       Shniaver Anshei Sphard
123 Ridge Street       Rikihover Agudath Achim
125 Ridge Street   Bobrka, Ukraine   Am Kedoshim Anshei Bobrika
145 Ridge Street   Przeworsk & Frysztak, Poland   Przworsker Erste Anshei Frishtak
148 Ridge Street       Eliezer Ganz & Independent Premizler Chevrah
159 Ridge Street       Machzikei Hadath Anshei Zlotshov
58 Rivington Street   Iasi, Romania   Adath Jeshurun of Jassy
58 Rivington Street   Warszawa, Poland   First Warsaw Congregation
81 Rivington Street   Shtefaneshty, Moldova?   Chevrah Shearith Israel Bousher Stefineshter Kruz
125 Rivington Street   Gwodziec, Poland   Gwozdziecer Independent Congregation
125 Rivington Street   Kalush, Ukraine   Kaluszer Independent Kehillah
125 Rivington Street   Kamenka Bugskaya, Ukraine   Kamionker Strumilawer Erste Kehillah
125 Rivington Street       Kopitshiner Erste Sick & Benevolent Association
125 Rivington Street   Obertin, Ukraine   Obertiner Erste Chevrah
126 Rivington Street   Podgaitsy, Ukraine   First United Podhaycer
129 Rivington Street       Pomizaner Lodge
134 Rivington Street   Zabolotow, Ukraine   First Zablotower Congregation
159 Rivington Street   Delyatin, Ukraine   Delatiner Erste Congregation
159 Rivington Street       Halitzer Erster Verein
159 Rivington Street   Nowy Korczyn, Poland   Neustadter First Congregation
237 Rivington Street       Chevrah B'nai Isaac Anshei Nariov
237 Rivington Street       Chevrah Reim Ahuvim mi'Rhybeshow Anshei Poland
237 Rivington Street   Bobrka, Ukraine   Erste Bobriker Kehillah
237 Rivington Street       Congregation Anshe Sfard
263 Rivington Street       First Chevrah Bikur Cholim Linath Hazedek
9 Rutgers Street   Rachwalovke/Rochvalovke?   Beth Jacob Anshei Rachvalofsky
9 Rutgers Street   Brok, Poland   Chevrah Mogen David Anshei Brok
9 Rutgers Street   Glebokie, Belarus   Globoker Congregation
9 Rutgers Street       Mesilath Yeshorim
9 Rutgers Street   Molodechno, Belarus   m'Vakshei Sholom Anshei Molodedzner
9 Rutgers Street   Lyubeshevo,  Belarus   Ner Tamid Anshei Lubashov
24 Rutgers Street       Beth Frenkel
32 Rutgers Street       Judah & Israel Chevrah
92 Rutgers Street   Glussk, Belarus   Chevrah Beth Israel Anshei Hlusk
45 Sheriff Street   Bukachevtsy, Ukraine   Oheb Sholom Anshei Bukatchatze
48 Sheriff Street       Atereth Chaim Halberstam
49 Sheriff Street       B'nai Jacob Joseph
49 Sheriff Street   Bolshovtsy, Ukraine   Rodfei Zedek Anshei Balshovtza
49 Sheriff Street       Rozodover Congregation B'nai Moses Horowitz
71 Sheriff Street       Achim Ahuvim
71 Sheriff Street       Ahavath b'Nach
77 Sheriff Street   Brzozow, Poland?   Breziver Brook Erste
77 Sheriff Street   Dzikow Stary, Poland   Dzikover Erste Chevrah
77 Sheriff Street   Sanok, Poland   Sanaker Congregation Shomrei Hadath
56 St. Marks Street       Young Men's Educational League
57 St. Marks Street   Radom, Poland   Radomer First Congregation
80 Stanton Street       Botachaner First Congregation Or Chodosh  
97 Stanton Street   Romania   Beth David Anshei Roman Roumania
178 Stanton Street       Dinever Kehillah
178 Stanton Street   Radomysl, Poland?   Erste Chevrah B 'nai David Anshei Radimashe
179 Stanton Street       Adath Morom
180 Stanton Street       B'nai Jacob Anshei Brazazan
180 Stanton Street   Kolomyya, Ukraine   Kolomayer Independent Kehillah
180 Stanton Street   Makerov, Ukraine   Magrower Erste Kehillah
180 Stanton Street       Nihaver Berhometh First Benevolent Kehillah
188 Stanton Street       Ahavath Israel Anshe Sphard
272 Stanton Street       Tiphereth Jacob Anshei Appalla
294 Stanton Street   Baranow, Poland   Baranower Erste Congregation
296 Stanton Street       Atereth Judah Zvi mi'Stetin
337 Stanton Street   Rudnik, Poland   Rudniker Erste Kehillah
11 Suffolk Street       Anshei Yanover & Kablier
30 Suffolk Street   Zhitomir, Ukraine?   Achim Zetomer Wolin
30 Suffolk Street       Moshe Joseph Chevrah
56 Suffolk Street   Kupiskis,Lithuania   Agudath Achim Anshei Kupishok
56 Suffolk Street   Choroszcz, Poland     Chevrah Mogen David Anshei Charusch
56 Suffolk Street       Doresh Tov Dobzinsky
56 Suffolk Street       Rodfei Zedek Anshei Bulioko
63 Suffolk Street       Chevrah Degel Isaac
71 Suffolk Street   Poland   Beth Haknesseth d'Chevrah Sphardim d'Poland
155 Suffolk Street       Chordoromer Erste Verin
155 Suffolk Street       Independent Podhirzer Chevrah
155 Suffolk Street       Ostiler First Aid Society
169 Suffolk Street   Poland   Chevrah Kadisha Talmud Torah Anshei Poland
177 Suffolk Street       Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein Congregation    
48 Willett Street   Novyye Strelishcha, Ukraine   B'nai Raabbi Arye Snshei Strelisk
52 Willett Street       Rabbi Samuel Nachum Independent Tishminitze Kehillah
58 Willett Street   Krakow, Poland   Jeshuat Jacob Anshei Krakow
62 Willett Street       First Congregation B'nai Rabbi David Mayer Anshei Schwirsh
70 Willett Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Anshei Resha
70 Willett Street   Hungary   Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Anshei Ungarin   




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