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Chevra Anshe Antipol
Springfield Gardens, New York
Block 85, Gate 5107/N
This memorial was erected in September 1948.


"In memory of our beloved 2500 brothers and sisters who were massacred by the Nazis 1942 and 1943."


A river of tears on the for the destruction of my people - from the people of Antipolie in New York.

 A memorial gravestone for the 2500 martyrs, may their memory be of blessed memory, from the town of Antipolie (Grodno Gubernia), Poland, who were killed  while sanctifying G-d by the Nazis (may their name be wiped out) in the year 1942-3.

These are the names of the people of Antipolie of Blessed Memory who were killed, as recorded by their relatives.

Antipoler Benefit Society
Antipoler Society of Harlem
Maxwell Family Circle


Hebrew Names Inscribed on Memorial
(spellings may be somewhat incorrect):

Sarah b. Zorach
Tzvi b. Moshe
Shifra b. Moshe
Shabtai b. Moshe
Efrayim b. Peretz SHEINMAN
Chaya Ruchel b. Simcha
Shlomo b. Elchanan
Chana b. Elchanan
Shlomo Zalman--WARSHA Family
TZVI SHTERMAN and family
Chaim Meir and Malka Pe?es b. Yitzchak RUBIN and family
Yakov b. Yitzchak RUBIN, LIBA Zeidel and family
Chaim Zelman b. Tzvi and Peshe b. Michael FUTERMAN
Tzaduk b. Tzvi FUTERMAN and family
Yosef Leib b. Avraham FARBER and family
Committee: Yehuda Leib haCohen KAGAN
Zorach SHEINBAUM, President
Sarah KRUM
Hinenya? KRUM
Yerachmiel GOLD
Yisrael KOTLER
Family of Moshe b. Yakov LIPSHITZ
Tzibiya b. Yakov Tzvi and Henya Feiga b. Moshe and family
Aharon Asher b. Avraham haCohen and family
Chaim Yehuda b. Eliezer Mordechai haCohen MORGENSTERN and family
Eliahu b. Tzvi HACKMAN and family
Boruch Mordechai b. Tzvi Yehuda
Beila FERNIK and family
Efrayim b. Zelig and Fruma RUBINSTEIN and family
Ruchel Leah and Avraham Leib BERENBAUM and family
Yehuda Leib and Peshe KATNER? and family


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