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Kieltzer Sick and Benevolent Society of New York

Pinelawn, New York
Section 6, Block 10
Society established 7 January 1905
The memorial was erected in September 1982


"This monument is in memory of the last 45 Jewish children who were murdered by the German Nazis at the Jewish Cemetery in our hometown Kielce, Poland, the 23rd of May 1943. The young martyrs ranged in age from 15 months to 13 years.
We also remember all of the Jewish  children who perished in the Holocaust from 1939 to 1945."


The Names of the Children:

Kerbel, Gisela 15 months
Waldiferant, Karol 18 months
Zonerman?, Fymusz 18 months
Goldblum, Aron 18 months
Elkes, Lusia 1 year
Wajnberg, Fela 2 years
Cherson, Mietek 2 years
Goldberg, Zulia 2 years
Chmielnicki, Israel 3 years
Gurewicz, Zygmusz 3 years
Safir, Marsei 3 years
Chmienicka, Rachel 4 years
Grynberg, Zewusz 4 years
Leberman, Sara 4 years
Zylbersztajn, Nina 4 years
Rozencwajg, Gizia 5 years
Frydman, Icek 5 years
Ajzenberg, Lolek 5 years
Fajnmeser, Becalel 5 years
Mandelbojm, Ewa 5 years
Grubart, Sara 5 years
Alajnberg, Dawid 5 years
Bugajer, Fredzia 5 years
Laks, Sara 6 years
Rosencwajg, Janusz 6 years
Proszowska, Irena 7 years
Minc, Ijli 7 years
Berkowicz, Manes 7 years

and three others whose
names are unknown
Rajter, Zosia 7 years
Grynberg, Juzek 7 years
Cyfrys, Bronia 7 years
Goldblum, Josef 7 years
Hofman, Ania 8 years
Kasrilewicz, Rysia 8 years
Lander, Minka 9 years
Jarzwicka, Chana 9 years
Grosberg, Pola 10 years
Borensztajn, Chana 10 years
Klajnberg, Reinia 11 years
Zylbersztajn, Dora 12 years
Borensztajn, Mendel 12 years
Jarzwicka, Esther 13 years

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