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This memorial is situated at the entrance of the Zentralfriedhof Gate IV.
On Krystallanacht (9-10 Nov 1938)virtually all the synagogues in Vienna and many people were murdered.

The memorial (left) states:
"On the 17 Siwan 5747 (14 Jun 1987), the remains of the Torah scrolls that were desecrated, torn and burnt by the Nazi mobs were buried at this spot."
Chewra Kadisha Vienna,
June 1991

This memorial also stands at the entrance to Gate IV and is dedicated to all the Jewish soldiers and partisans who lost their lives in World War II.
Text: "Hundreds of thousands of Jewish soldiers in the Allied Armies, as well as thousands of Jewish partisans lost their lives in the fight against despicable National Socialism.
Hereby dedicated in their memory."

Memorial erected by the family of children of Osias and Sara Schwarz, both of whom perished in the concentration camps during the war.

"Both our parents
innocent victims
of bestial Nazi persecution
all that
because of
our Jewish faith.

Located at Vienna's Judenplatz. The inscription reads:
"To the memory of the more than 65.000
Austrian Jews, who were murdered in the time from 1938 to 1945 by the national socialists."

The memorial (1998) represents and a hermetically locked library turned outward. The shelves of the memorial appear to be endless; the many books stand for the large number of the victims and their life history; the contents of the books remain hidden. The wing doors, which suggest the possibility of coming and going into the library, in reality, do not.



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