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The Pogulianski forest is situated north of Daugavpils in Latvia on the road to Rezekne. According to the orders of July 15,1941 all the Jews had to be moved in the ghetto by the end of July.

The Jews from Vishki (twenty-five kilometers from Daugavpils)
were led to the Daugavpils jail where all their property was taken and where they were subsequently led to the ghetto.

The first shootings started on July 29,1941.They selected all the Jews older than sixty years of age and shot them in the Pogulianski forest.

15000 Jews of Daugavpils were killed in the years of 1941 and 1942.



The site of a mass grave in Riga.

Right: memorials in the Rumbula
Forest, located near Riga, where tens of thousands of Jews were murdered in 1941.


On October 6 2002 the Vishki District
Municipality funded an opening of the Vishki
and Dagda Jews tragedy memorial.
Locals, Dagda residents and a delegation of
Daugavpils Jewish Community participated
in the opening of the memorial.

Professor of the Daugavpils University J. Steimanis gave a speech, lecturer D. Olehnovich, researcher A. Rachinska from Jelgava, repressed citizens from
Dagda and others. Candles were lit by the
memorial stone and flowers were brought.
The memorial stone was cut by Aivars Regzha.



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