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Gerhard Schreiber


The Seder

My Grandfather's Restaurant in Czernowitz

"Among the most pleasant memories I keep, are the two first nights of Passover. The restaurant was closed to the public, and a big table was set for the Seder. We were normally sixteen to twenty people, many relatives and also at times close friends of the family.  Since I was the only child around, and since none of my three uncles had any children, it was my duty to ask the four questions, which made me, for a short period at least, the star of the whole affair. The ritual was observed according to tradition, and we sang late into the night. Of course, this being a kosher restaurant, all dishes for the duration of the Passover holiday, were brought from storage, and the cleaning took quite some time. I always wondered why my grandparents didn't take a shortcut with this, but the law is the law, or at least at that time I believed it to be true."  next ►►

--Gerhard Schreiber (photo, left, 1938)


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