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The Koval Family
Bialystok, Poland


also known as Bialystock, Byelostok, Bjelostock and Belostok
Located in Grodno Gubernia in present-day Poland
108.7 miles NE of Warszawa
Longitude 53 degrees, 08 minutes, Latitude 23 degrees, 09 minutes

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Bialystok city website

Museum Podlaskie in Bialystok

**Bialystok 2005**

Memorial to the destruction of the
great synagogue.
This sculpture was inspired by the condition of the framework of the
synagogue's dome that was destroyed by fire at the hand of the Nazis.
Some are mistaken in thinking that it is the actual frame distorted by the intense heat of the fire. Over one thousand Jews perished in the

Inscription on the memorial that
commemorates the destruction of the great synagogue

Lucy Lisowska and Chris Malczewski.
Lucy is one of the very few members of the Jewish community in Bialystok and plays an important role in
representing the rights and needs of Jews to the local government and Church. She is deeply involved in the restoration efforts at the Jewish cemetery. Chris is Jewish Records Indexing-Poland's man on the ground. He is a fine guide and investigator.

Office building on the site where once stood the Great Synagogue of Bialystok

Memorial plaque

Memorial to the heroes, i.e. those who resisted, of the Bialystok ghetto

The only remaining sections of the Bialystok ghetto wall

The only remaining
sections of the
Bialystok ghetto wall

Memorial to the victims of the destruction of the Bialystok ghetto

** Visions of Bialystok pre-1921**



Bialystok City Map

Across the street
from the Yeshiva;
site of former
Jewish  cemetery

Main street scene

Former Yeshiva

Former Yeshiva

Former Synagogue

Site of former




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