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Society Gates



  Independent American Lasker Association
in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, New York
established in 1900, gate erected 23 Jul 1905

S. Held, Ex-Pres.
N. Auerbach, Pres.
H. Champagne, Vice-Pres.
S. Flanel, Rec. Sec.
S. Rosenberg, Fin. Sec.
A. Reichbart, Treas.
M. Newman, Trustee
H. Wiener, Trustee
P. Kutner, Sgt.-at-Arms


L. Schwartz, Ex-Pres.
L. Marks, Ex-Pres.
H. Reisfeld, Chairman
P. Stern
M. Scheratzky
M. Milkowsky
H. Marks
M. Liss
A. Gelmas


in Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York
established in 1900, gate erected in 1952

Officers and Committee:
J. Reichbart, Ex-Pres.
H. Rockman, Ex-Pres.
D. Karpen, Pres.
D. Meltzak, Vice-Pres.
G. Block, Fin. Sec.
M. Levitchitsky, Rec. Sec.
S. Grand, Treas.
A. Grand, Ch. of Cem.
K. Wivietsky, Sgt. of Arms
S. Wivietsky
I. Bialeck
Morris Aaron Marimsky?
A. Arnon
I. Bond
A. Brodsky
H. Dale
J. Epstein
H. Green
H. Jaskula
S. Kaplan
M. Karpen
S. Karpen
E. Keller
M. Liss
F. Lowenberg
S. Makofsky
G. Melzak
M. Melzak
I. Newman
N. Noskowitz
M. Peters
C. Reichart
S. Reichart
U. Rockman
H. Rockman
M. Rubin
W. Schulsinger
M. Shapiro
J. Snyder
M. Solamacher
N. Sussman
S. Weinglas
H. Wivietsky


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