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Listed below are the location and links to web pages within the Museum of Family History that could be of interest to the Lithuania researcher. In the left column, is the title of the web page or exhibition; for each a link is provided to the appropriate web page. In the right column are indicated the names of the towns for which material can be found. If you find that there is material on this website that is associated with towns in Lithuania that has not already been included on the list below, please contact the museum at

Please note that there may be towns listed below that do not fall within the area of interest to the Litvak researcher. This is unintentional and the museum should be notified if such errors are found, e.g. a cemetery plot located in New York or New Jersey may be associated with a particular town in Lithuania, but some of the unique surnames might be associated with a plot associated with a different town, though the town associated with a particular plot has the same name. There are many towns in today's Lithuania and other countries that have the same name. The list will be amended as more material is added to the museum's website.

Current Exhibitions The Life Of Nina Finkelstein: Recollections of a Friend;
The Young Men and Women of our Town (Lozdzieje)
Guide to Pronunciation Lithuanian
Holocaust Memorials of Canada Vilnius, Canadian Association of Jewish Lithuanians in Montreal
Holocaust Memorials of Eastern Europe Alytus (Olita), Ariogala (Rogale), Babtai (Bobst), Birzai, Jurbarkas, Kaunas (Kovno), Kedainiai (Keidan), Krakes (Krok), Kupiskis, Lozdzieje (Lazdijai), Paneriai (Ponar), Panevezys, Plunge, Pusalotas, Rokiskis, Sakiai, Salantai, Sauliai, Seta (Shat), Simnas, Skuodas, Swencionys (Swiecany), Vandziogala, Vidukle, Vilijampole (Slobodka) and Vilnius (Vilna)
Holocaust Memorials of
New York & New Jersey
Dieveniskes, Eisiskes, Marijampole, Moletai, Seirijai and Ziezmariai
How our Families Came to America (Ellis Island Immigrant List) Vilnius
How We Worked Krakes and Lozdzieje
Lives in the Yiddish Theatre Yiddish Actors/Cast Photos from Rokiskis, Siauliai and Vilnius
Main Town Page Vilnius
Map Room Vilnius and vicinity
Photographic Studios
of Europe
Postcards from Home Alytus, Birzai, Druskieniki, Gruzdziai, Joniskis, Kalvarija, Krakes, Lozdzieje, Novy Dvor, Siauliai, Simnas, Vilkaviskis, and Vilnius
Screening Room Vilnius: "When the World Was Ours"
Society Gates Eisiskes and Vilnius
The Synagogues of Europe: Past and Present Alsedziai, Birzai, Gruzdziai, Joniskis, Jurbarkas, Kaunas, Linkuva, Pakruojis, Pusalotas, Rumsiskes, Seta, Siauliai, Vilnius and Ziezmariai.
Town Index Vilnius
Unique Surnames List Eisiskes, Kalvarija, Kraziai, Marijampole, Salant, Sejny, Veisiejai and Vilnius
Walk in My Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust Kaunas (Kovno)

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