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The Bleiser Family et al

Children of BenZion:
Sonia (from his first wife) is seated, holding BenZion and  Ita's youngest child Moshe Bleiser. Standing is Yehoshua Bleiser, Sima Bleiser with her hand on the head of Chaim Bleiser (seated). Chaim was a student at an agriculture school in Palestine when he was fatally injured in a soccer match. He was about sixteen years of age when he died .
Aunt Becky was Rebecca Bleiser, youngest child of Moshe the Patriarch and sister to BenZion. This photo was taken in 1911 right before Aunt Becky immigrated to the U.S. BenZion, Ita and the children immigrated to Kfar Tavor, Palestine (they bought land from the Arabs for an almond farm. The farm is still in existence today and is being run by BenZion's grandson.)

Moishe Bleiser (b. cir.1840s),
was the family patriarch.


Kunya Landa was the
 husband of Manya Bleiser.  Kunya's mother and Manya's mother were sisters. 
Kunya died in 1920 of scarlet fever and was buried in the Berdichev Jewish cemetery. 
World War I and the Russian Revolution were still being fought in Ukraine in 1920-21. After an unexploded bomb fell down the chimney of their house in 1921, Manya and her three children left Russia. They escaped by being hidden in a hay wagon and then walking through wheat fields to the Polish border. They eventually got to Warsaw, then Vienna and Trieste, where they took a boat to Alexandria, Egypt. They then took a train to Palestine, where they spent eight months with Manya's brother BenZion and his family on their almond farm. When they left Palestine, they took a train to Alexandria, Egypt where they took a boat to Marseille, France. They then took a train to Paris and then Cherbourg.  They came to the U.S. on White Star ship SS Majestic in November 1922.


The Blazer and Lande families
shown here in Russia are the Bleiser and Landa cousins.
(In the U.S. they changed the names to Blazer and Lande.) 
Standing (l. to r.): unknown girl, Aunt Becky (Rebecca) Bleiser, unknown woman, Ely Landa
and Manya Bleiser. 
Seated (l. to r.): unknown boy, Meyer Landa, a Bleiser, Kunya Landa. Photo was probably taken about 1909.


BenZion Bleiser (b. 1870)
 was Moshe's eldest son. 
Ita was BenZion's second wife.

Manya Bleiser was a daughter
of Moshe, the family patriarch.

Ely Bleiser and his wife Rebecca-Ely was a son of Moshe the Patriarch and was brother to BenZion and Aunt Becky. This photo was taken cir 1904-5 before Ely and his wife immigrated to the U.S. in February of1905.




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