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 Postcards from Home 

Piatra Neamt


Piatra Neamt, Romania
(possibly Negulesti, Romania)
cir 1902

The father[1] of Mordecai Menachem Mendel Natenson took his family, in 1805, from Bessarabia across the River Prut (Ed. Note: even till today the River Prut is the natural boundary between the Ukraine and Romania). There, he became the caretaker of the estate of a large landowner in Negulesti, where several of his children were born.  Eventually, he settled, with his large family (rumored to include thirteen children) in Piatra Neamt, Neamt Province, where he acquired a vineyard, and made wine and spirits, which they exported to several countries, including Canada. Clues point to the fact that M.M.M. used a pseudonym in business - it was "Mendel E. Amalciu". Apparently, he died of injuries sustained from a throw from a horse.


Shmuel Leib (Samuel Lion [sic] according to his tombstone), Mordechai's only son with his first wife Anna Ruth Mendelssohn, was born in 1863, in Piatra Neamt, Moldavia, Romania.  Due to intense and enduring anti-Semitism in Romania, he decided to emigrate to Canada, and requested the help of two agents, with whom he had business dealings in his export business.  They were: Percy Dow (of Dow Breweries) and Lionel Eker (of Ekers Brewery).  Both these men were very helpful, with money, connections and administration, with the result that S.L. was able to comfortably arrive in Canada and immediately start to make a living for his family.  Canadian Citizenship was granted on Sept. 14, 1905, at the Circuit Court of Montreal.  His occupation was given as "grocer".


A small indication of his life in Piatra Neamt: "I.O.B.B. (International Order of B'Nai Brith), Loja (Lodge), Menorah XV" No. 395, Piatra N., May 23, 1897: No. 3 - To the Brotherhood! When the initiative of certain activities was taken, you were advised and invited. Today, our mission has been accomplished.  Our Lodge is going well, but we see, with sadness, that not all the members have taken part regularly.  This is why our Lodge decided, at the meeting, to invite again, the members who remained behind.We invite you, if you still wish to take part in this Lodge, to come to the Meetings and pay the dues, from this mentioned date, for one month; after which, you will have to ask in writing and to wait the acceptance of the Lodge.        Signed,       President, B. Samsony"       Presented  to S.L. Natansohn


"I.O.B.B. (International Order of B'Nai Brith), Loja, Menorah XV", No. 395 Piatra N.

Dated, Nov. 29, 1900, No. 195; To: S. L. Natensohn;

"Quittance" (receipt) of payment of 1 Lei (equal to approx. $1.00)"



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