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The Wedding Photograph and Invitation
30 August 1927
Cernauti, Romania
(bef 1918 Czernowitz, Austrian Empire)


Note that while the invitation is written in German, the official marriage certificate is written in Romanian. Before World War I, the people who lived in Czernowitz were German-speaking, as Czernowitz was part of the Austrian Empire. Between 1918 and 1939, Czernowitz was under Romanian rule, and thus the official documents, such as the marriage certificate was written in Romanian. For Eda's parents from Czernowitz ("Cernauti" under Romanian rule), their first language was German.
Herman Bueller was from Munich, Germany, so for both reasons this personal document--the wedding invitation--was written using the German language.

The above invitation states:
Moritz Auerbach and wife are honored to invite you to the wedding of their daughter Ida with Mr. Herman Buller which will take place on 30 August 1927 at 8 in the evening  in the Bauhandwork Hall  on the Dreifaltgkeitsgasse....Sigmund Buller and wife are honored to invite you  to the wedding of their son Herman with Miss Ida Auerbach."

"Eure Wohlgeboren" is an expression that means 'your honored person,' or more technically 'well brought up.' "


The Ketubah and Marriage Certificate
The Marriage Certificate:

Romania Bukovina
Certificate of Marriage
The Israelite Community of Czernowitz, volume XVI, PAGE 275, No. 203.

Bridegroom's Details:
Hermann Buler, born in Munich, Germany, citizen of the United States of America, musician, present address in Czernowitz: Razboienistr. No. 31C,
son of Solomon Buler, merchant, and of his wife Charlotte nee Gotler, living in New York, born on January 5, 1903, not married.

Bride's Details:
Yetti Auerbach, born in Czernowitz, Romanian citizen, Razboienistr. No. 31C, daughter of Maier Auerbach, musician, and of Chana Perl nee Halm, living in Czernowitz, Razboienistr. No. 31C, born on June 11, 1903, not married.

Date of the marriage ceremony: August 30, 1927.
Place of the marriage ceremony: Czernowitz, Hall of Architects.
Rabbi: Dr. David Kessler.
Testimonies: Pesach Seidner, Oscar Potoker.

Publication according to the Publication Registry No. 210.
Birth Certificates of both Bride and Bridegroom, authorized Translation of Bridegroom's Passport, Nationality Certificate of the Bride, The Rabbi's Report, Identity Card of Bridegroom No. 13960/IV dated 13.VIII.27, issued by the Czernowitz Municipality (returned to the Bridegroom.)

Czernowitz, September 7, 1927. Signed by the Office. Tax paid 20 lei, Sept. 2, 1927.
Round Seal of Matriculation Office of Czernowitz, signed (-) by the Office
Manager G. Enis.

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