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Berta Gerstin (c. 1889-1972) was a wonderful actress who performed for more than fifty years on the Yiddish stage.

Berta was born in Krakow, Poland but didn't know the Yiddish language until she arrived in the United States and became interested in the Yiddish theatre. She played one season with Yiddish greats David Kessler and Boris Thomashefsky, both of whom recognized both her talent and her beauty. She then joined Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theatre troupe, with which she acted for more than twenty years.

"It is inevitable that the Jewish theatre should survive as long as the Jewish race survives. A race emotionally so constituted as it is, has an urgent need to express itself. And what form of emotional expression can surpass that of the theatre?" So stated Berta Gerstin.

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Text adapted from "Berta Gersten Returns to the Yiddish Art Theatre."

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