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Celia Adler (1891-1973) was born in New York City and was known as the "First Lady of the Yiddish Theatre."

Celia Adler was mostly known as an actress in the Yiddish theatre, especially during the heyday of Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theatre, in which she acted during the 1920s and 30s. Even though she was a mature woman and a mother, she would play the role of a ten- to thirteen-year-old child.

Celia Adler also gave a fine theatrical performance as a Holocaust survivor in Luther Adler's 1946 Broadway production of A Flag is Born.

She was
the daughter of Jacob P. Adler  and Dinah Shtettin, and the older half-sister of Stella, Luther Adler, and Jacob Adler's five other children.

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