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Ludwig Satz (1891-1944) was an actor in Yiddish theatre and film, best known for his comic roles. A 1925 New York Times article singles him out as the greatest Yiddish comic actor of the time.

He was born in Lviv, Ukraine (then Lemberg, part of the Austrian Empire) and died in New York City. Satz played the male lead in the 1931 film His Wife's Lover (Zayn Vaybs Lubovnik), which was billed as the 'first musical comedy' talking picture.'"

In 1926 in a New York Times article that he authored, Satz spoke of the Yiddish audience who "knows exactly what it goes to the theatre to buy. It is as intense about the play and its performance as the playwright and the knows the life that its theatre portrays....if you make the mistake of giving them something that they don't identify....God forgive you....But if you are what they want and if you do fit their prejudices and their understanding, no people in the world reward you with such enthusiasm. You may become anything from a hero to a savior..."

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