Samuel J. Tilden High School
5800 Tilden Avenue (corner of E. 58th Street)
Brooklyn, New York

Samuel J. Tilden High School

Samuel J. Tilden High School is a New York City public high school located in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.

The high school is named for Samuel J. Tilden, who was once a leader of New York's Democratic Party, and, as state party chairman (1865 75), he effected the overthrow of the Tammany Hall boss Tweed. He also was New York's governor (1875-8) and the Democratic presidential nominee in 1876.

The movie Above the Rim was shot at Samuel J. Tilden. Exterior scenes for the movie Lords of Flatbush  were shot at Tilden.

Tilden opened in 1930, and is scheduled to be phased out in June 2010. It is currently not a high school per se and is composed of four smaller schools.

 Some well-known Tilden alumni include professional baseball players Sid Gordon and Willie Randolph. Minister and activist Al Sharpton also attended Tilden.

You may freely search the Tilden database at your convenience (located on another website). You will be able to both browse any number of yearbooks from cover to cover or use the database to search for a Tilden graduate.

A similar database for nearby Thomas Jefferson High School exists within the Museum of Family History's website. To view this database, or to browse any of the Jefferson yearbooks, please click here.

--photo from Wikipedia

The Tilden database represents the following graduating classes:

  • June 1931 (has names, but no yearbook pages)

  • January 1934

  • June 1936

  • January and June 1937

  • June 1938

  • January and June 1940

  • All yearbooks from 1940 through 2010, except for June 1941.

If you have access to any of the yearbooks not listed above and are willing to lend them out for scanning, please contact Stephen P. Morse, Tilden Class of '57.

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