Thomas Jefferson High School
400 Pennsylvania Avenue (b. Blake and Dumont Avenues)
Brooklyn, New York

Thomas Jefferson High School

Thomas Jefferson High School was once one of the finest high schools in the New York City school system. The Museum of Family History is thus pleased to host a searchable database of Thomas Jefferson High School alumni.

From 1927 to 1960, Jefferson published two yearbooks each year, one for the January graduating class and one for June. Subsequently, one book per year was published for the combined January and June graduating classes.

 You can currently search the Museum database for a Senior photograph from the 1927-1987 yearbooks, though there are many books that are missing (because they are unavailable to the Museum).

Every page of every yearbook has been scanned and is available for viewing, so one may choose to peruse any of these yearbooks from beginning to end.

If you happen to have a different yearbook from what is currently on the Thomas Jefferson database, please contact the Museum of Family History at

How can you best utilize the Museum's Jefferson searchable database?
Besides simply being able to browse any available yearbook from cover to cover, you can conduct a search simply by entering the first or last name of the Senior, the graduating class or year, or by entering the home address of the graduate. Note that not all yearbooks included these addresses, but there were plenty that did, especially those from 1931-6, and from 1946-63.
*** Important note: The Museum will receive on loan a number of other Jefferson yearbooks within the next month or two. In order for these books to be placed online, the Museum desperately needs a number of people who can do simple data entry. The information would be typed onto Excel spreadsheets, and would simply include the home address of the Seniors (if available.) It is unlikely these yearbooks will be placed online if no one steps up to help with the data entry, so please volunteer. You can contact the Museum at
Just enter the words "Jefferson volunteer" in the Subject file of your email and say you are willing to help out. Thank you.

Also, you will find that even some of the graduates' names aren't linked to a page of Senior photos. This is because the list of graduates for that class was taken from an outside source, e.g. the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, and not from a yearbook. Hopefully at some point in the future, yearbooks will be found for these classes, scanned, and uploaded onto the Jefferson database.

You can browse any of the four yearbooks from cover to cover by visiting
You can "Search the Jefferson Yearbooks in One Step" at

This search engine is a good one, as you can search by any of a number of criteria: last name, given name, home address, i.e. by house or apartment number and street name (two of the four yearbooks currently on this database include the home address of each student), yearbook date or yearbook page.

You might also like to visit the two pages dedicated to Dr. Elias Lieberman, the principal of Thomas Jefferson High School from 1924 to 1940. Please click here.

Feel free to visit and become a member of the Museum's "Brooklyn's Thomas Jefferson High School" Facebook page.


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