Painting a Picture
Remembering the Lost Jewish Community of Zambrów, Poland

Zambrów is a member of the Museum's World Jewish Communities

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Zambrow Rynek (Town Square)

Zambrów Rynek (Market Square)


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Below is a list of web pages that have been created by adapting material from either the abridged English version of the Zambrów Yizkor Book, or from the actual ongoing English translation of the Book itself. The original Hebrew and Yiddish Yizkor Book is now in the process of being translated into English. To learn more about this project, and to read the parts of the English translation that is currently online, please click here.

No.   ►► Room/Section   ►► Page Title
01.   From Cheder to Yeshiva   The Beth Hamidrash: Houses of Prayer and Learning in Zambrów
02.   From Cheder to Yeshiva   Education and Cultural Activities in Zambrów, Poland
03.   The Rabbis and their Prayer Houses   Religious Life in Zambrów, Poland
04.   Aspects of Jewish Communal Life   The Zambrów Bath House and Mikvah
05.   Aspects of Jewish Communal Life   The Founding of  the Chevra Kadisha of Zambrów
06.   Epidemic!   My Father Rides a Horse, and Cholera is Driven from the Town
07.   The Emperors and Czars of Europe   Zambrów Also Crowns Nicholas II
08.   The First World War   Hours of Emergency in Zambrów, Poland
09.   The Maggidim   Zambrów's Itinerant Preachers
10.   The Maggidim   The Maggid Eliakim Getzl is Forced to Leave Zambrów
11.   The Maggidim   Alter the Maggid (Reb Moshe Zalman Horovitch)
12.   Zionism in Europe   The Political Parties of Zambrów
13.   World War II and the Holocaust   Moshe Lewinski of Zambrów, Poland
14.   Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays   The Purim Festival in My Town
15.   Anti-Semitism in Europe   A Blood Libel
16.   The Films of Tomek Wisniewski The Destruction of the Zambrow Synagogue 1941


Visit the Museum's Zambrów town index page to learn what else is available about this town.


Zambrów B
                                              Material courtesy of the United Zembrower Society  




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