The Yiddish World


* Yiddish Theatre in Europe *
Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
The Fischers of Warszawa  

Luba Fischer
Anka Fischer

Luba Kadison
The Vilna Troupe
Children of the Yiddish Theatre
Der Grodner Operetn Trupa
The Yiddish Actors of Krakow

The Habima Theatre Troupe
The Maccabee Drama Club of Rakishok
A Yakov Gordin Play in Kurenets
"The Eternal Jew" in Lebedevo
"Mirele Efros" in Nowy Sacz
Moliere's "L'Avare" in Pinsk
A Yiddish Play in Shavli
The Drama Club of Smorgon
"Shlomo Charlatan" in Volozhin

Moshe Axelrad, Yiddish Actor
Eliyahu Goldenberg

Yung Vilne ("Young Vilnius")

After the War
The Minchener Jidiszer Kleinkunst Teater (MIKT) troupe

Origins of the Yiddish Theatre:
Dem Purim Shpiele

The Yiddish Society: Lovers of Art and Theatre

* Yiddish Theatre in North America *

Placards from the Yiddish Theatre
Once Upon a Kingdom: The Life of Maurice Schwartz...
Maurice Schwartz and the Yiddish Art Theatre
David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright   
Kadison, Buloff and the Vilna Troupe   
Joseph Buloff: An Appreciation
 "Yoshe Kalb", Yiddish Art Theatre, 1932
The Habima in New York

Grine Felder: A Place in the Country
The Modjacot Marionette Theatre
The Life & Death of a Yiddish Art Theatre

The Hebrew Actors Union

The Yiddish Theatre Houses
Lando Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Littman's Peoples Theatre in Detroit, Michigan
Newark's 3rd Ward Yiddish Theatre

Benefits and Testimonials
Testimonial for Samuel Solomon and Harry Jordan

The Catskills
Grine Felder: A Place in the Country
Julie Oshins, a Catskills Tummler

Lives in the Yiddish Theatre
Harry Jordan, Actor

William Siegel and Vera Gordon

Group Photographs
B. Thomashefsky w. Gertner's Theatrical Troupe, Chicago
Theatre Party, Chicago
Wedding Scene, Cleveland

Movie Reviews
Yidl mitn Fidl (1936)

Yiddish Music
"Das Lebedige Yisoimele" from "Blind Love"

Josef Schmidt, Lyric Tenor

Yiddish Theatrical Alliance

* Pictorial Library of the Yiddish Theatre *

The Men of the Yiddish Theatre 
The Women of the Yiddish Theatre

Theatre Company, 1920
Boris Thomashefsky with Gertner Troupe, Chicago, 1924-5
Theatre Party, Chicago, 1926
Yiddish Theatre Impresarios, 1920s-30s

Unknown Yiddish Star

* The World of the Yiddish Writers *

David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright   
Biography: Szoel Frydman
"In the Polish School," by Leib Rashkin (English version)
"In the Polish School," by Leib Rashkin (Hebrew version)

Lamentations (by David Pinski)
Yung Vilne ("Young Vilnius")
Peretz Miransky
Shmerke Katsherginsk
 Itzik Manger

The Star Spangled Banner in Yiddish

* The Yiddish Vinkl Bookstore *

* The Screening Room * 

"At the Crossroads: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today"
"Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years"
"Klezmer on Fish Street"
"The Last Klezmer: Leopold Kozlowski, His Life and Music"
L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin"
"The Legacy of Jedwabne"

"More Precious than Pearls"
"Saved by Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey.."
"Secret Courage: The Walter Suskind Story"
"Yiddish Theater: A Love Story"
"Steal a Pencil for Me"
"Where Neon Goes to Die"
"A Man From Munkács"

"The World Was Ours" 

"The Litvak Connection"
"Return to Ozarów: Mending a Broken Link"
"L' affaire Grynszpan"
"The Tree of Life"
"Horodok: A Shtetl's Story 1920-1945"
"Italy and the Holocaust: The Hidden Story"
"A Great Day on Eldridge Street"  

"The Peretzniks (Perecowicze)"
"Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg"

* Vaudeville *

The Haberman Kiddies 1923 (Toronto, Canada)
Henry Frey, the Unusual Comedian

Jews in the Entertainment Industry

What's In a Name?


A Visit with Bashevis

Recollections of an Usher


Yiddish Theatre



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