*The Young Men and Women of our Towns*

The idea that we may be able to identify many of the Jewish youth who were born and lived in the many towns and cities of pre-war Eastern Europe is an intriguing but daunting task. Many of those who once populated these centers of Jewish life managed to emigrate before World War II, to countries such as the United States, Canada, Israel (then Palestine) and those in Latin America. Others remained in Eastern Europe, only to perish in the Holocaust. Many of them are remembered in the Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem, or in Yizkor books, or perhaps by a single photograph once taken back home, relegated to their place in a family photo album. Countless others were killed along with their only family members by the Nazis and their collaborators, destined to obscurity. Or maybe not?

The hope of this exhibition is to present the faces of many of these young men and women and identify them. Many of these photographs are individual portraits; others have been cropped from group photographs. New pages will be exhibited when there are substantial numbers of portraits to be exhibited for a specific town. Whomever may be fairly certain of the identity of any of these men and women whose portraits are exhibited or know of their fate, please contact the Museum at . I will post their name on the page where their photo is displayed and put you in contact with the holder of that particular photograph if possible. Please identify the photo by town association, photo number (under each photo) and by their sex.

These many youths were so much of the future of the Jewish people. Many have already or will continue to make their own unique contribution to the world; others never had the chance, their lives shortened, caught in the web of the Nazi machine. Please help identify these young men and women, so that we may, in our own way, honor and perpetuate their memory.

The Beginning:

The Young Men and Women of Lozdzieje (Lazdijai), Lithuania
The Young Men and Women of Riga, Latvia


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