Placards from the Yiddish Theatre


The People's Theatre

The People's Theatre was located at 201 Bowery  (between Rivington and Spring Streets) in Manhattan.

The lessees and managers were Adler, Edelstein and Boris Thomashefsky; the theatre manager was Max Rosenthal.

Here we see a placard from the People's Theatre dated 17 February 1902. The play was written by Jacob Gordin and is called "Der vilder mensh" or "The Wild Man".

The placard, in part, states:

"An evening of art and talent to benefit the Dinaburg Fraternal Aid Society. Drama in four acts by Jacob Gordin; Mr. Jacob P. Adler as Lamekh, Mme. S[ara] Adler as Liza. If you want to see something fine and elevated but also realistic, don't miss the great artist Mr. Jacob P. Adler, alone in his generation, who gives an exceptional performance in the challenging role of the wild man, in which he outdoes even himself. The greatest critics have proclaimed that Mr. Adler defines in this role what acting is all about. Tickets available from Wolf Broide at the sausage store, 242 Broome Street. Come while you have a chance. It is not every day that you get to see something like this, just Monday, February 17. "

: courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


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