Placards from the Yiddish Theatre


The United States


The Bowery:

The Adler Theatre
Job, 1896; The Jewish King Lear; Moshe'le the Soldier; Solomon the Wise, c.1906

Manhattan Lyceum Theatre

Rachel, or Apostasy for Love, 1901

The People's Theatre
Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, 1901
The Wild Man, 1902
The Green Boy, 1905

The Romania Opera House
Dina, or a Visitor From the Hereafter, c. 1892-7

The Thalia Theatre
Carmen, 1899
The Jewish Heart, 1908
Hamlet, 1895 (prob.)

The Windsor Theatre
The Yiddish King Lear; The Jewish Captain Dreyfus on Devil's Island, 1898
The Only Hamlet, the Only Othello, 1890 (prob.)

The Lower East Side:

The Neighborhood Playhouse
Lonely People, 1917; For Happiness, 1916  

The Rutgers Vaudeville Theatre
The Girl From the Ghetto; The Green Bride; The Detective, 1910

The Upper East Side:

The New Star Theatre
Mirele Efros, the Jewish Queen Lear, 1908





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