Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


B. (Menachem Berish) Eppelbaum


Born on 25 September 1887 in Vukin (Wohyń), near Radzin, Lublin region, Poland, where his father, a Kotsk Chasid, was a ritual slaughterer. He received a traditional education. From age five until fifteen he learned Gemora, also under the supervision of his father, who took him to learn how to slaughter -- but under the influence of Rambam's books, he became nspkr and may have op from Chasidic piety.

From childhood on he loved to read story books, and he later fell under the effect of Shomer's demons, and had even by himself taken to writing such novels and also wrote a plpul-book on "Kidushin".

At age eighteen he left the town and went away to Warsaw, where he had under difficult material circumstances learned a little Russian and Polish, and then in Lodz (also in Warsaw) he took to various jobs.

1912 -- he debuted with a story under the title "Tsvey dorot" in the "Lodzer tageblat", under the direction of Y. Uger. Then -- living in a provincial city -- he began to write Chasidic  stories and folksy stories that were published in the Yiddish press in Poland and Russia.

After the outbreak of the World War he settled in Odessa, where he worked for their Yiddish newspapers. Around 1920 -- he returned to Warsaw, where he worked for various newspapers,


mainly however as a translator in the "Central" publishing house. At the end of 1922 -- he traveled to America, where he for the first time worked for the "Yidishes togeblat", then over to the "Morning Journal", where he has been a contributor up to the present day. E. also had the opportunity to take part in various Yiddish periodical publications in America and in Hebrew journals in Europe.

E.'s novel "Oyfbroyz" (publishing house "Vanderer", Warsaw, 1923) was dramatized, and in 1925-26 was staged under the name "Mishke yapontshik" in a Kiev studio theatre. In 1928 e. had by himself dramatized his novel under the name "Mishke yaponets", which was never staged.

In "Hamer" (January 1928), E. published his "Gerangel, a play in nine scenes and three acts". The play on 12 October 1929 was staged [in the same scene] through the "Vilna Troupe" in New York, in an intimate theatre, under the direction of Jacob Mestel and Jacob Ben-Ami, settings -- Zolotarov, music -- A. Ellstein.

1917-18 -- E. wrote under a pseudonym a theatre review in "Dos naye lebn" and in "Komunistishe shtime" in Odessa.

1928-29 -- He had, under the pseudonym "Ein-bit", wrote weekly theatre reviews for the Philadelphia edition of the "Morning Journal".

Sh. E.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1581.

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