Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Ester Lipovska


L. was born on 14 February ([ester-tenyt]) 1889 in Samara, Russia. Her father was a tailor. As a child of seven she immigrated with her parents to the town of Zdunska-Wola (Poland), where she learned Yiddish from her father. As a child she worked with socks/stockings, then in a textile factory as a spooler, later moving over to Lodz where she worked as a stacker, and at a factory drew attention with her beautiful voice. She also participated on Friday nights in the "plays", which were arranged by the workers she knew, take part in the arranged Purim plays, and at the end she would [1904] enter as a chorus singer into the troupe of Sh. Krause, with whom she toured over Poland and Russia until she went over, together with Zhelazo, as a chorus singer and in episodic roles, to Fiszon in his troupe, and she followed with the wandering ways of the tactics of the Yiddish actor in Russia: She participated under her maiden name, Glazer, as a chorus singer and actress in the troupes of Meyerson, Shwartsbard, Zhelazo, Bernstein, Zhitomirski, Sam Adler, Zandberg, Genfer, Sabsey and Kompaneyets in Warsaw's Muranow Theatre, where she performed in her first great role ("Beynushl" in Thomashefsky's operetta "Dos pintele yid"). From here she went over to the Lodz "United Troupe" which was under the leadership of Titelman, where she had the opportunity to be the first to create the role of "the daughter" in Itskhok Katzenelson's  "Caricatures." Later she entered into the "United Troupe" with Ester Rokhl Kaminska in charge, and she participated in a tour across the main cities of the then Russia.

After her marriage to theatre director Nakhum Lipovski, L. entered into [under the pseudonym of Volska and later Lipovska] her husband's troupe, in which she acted as the first soubrette and in prima donna roles in the operetta and first dramatist in the drama. Thus she was the first in the role of "Tsirl" in Hirshbein's "A farvorfn vinkl" and "Dagma" in Swen Lange's "Samson and Delilah" (translated by Z. Zylbercweig).

In 1927-28 L. acted in the troupe under the auspices of Zaslavski and later of Kadish-Khash, and after her husband's death, she participated in a members troupe under the auspices of Potocka, Baratov and Lipman, with whom she migrated across Poland.

L. also participated in the film "Khasye di yesoym (Chasia the Orphan)" and "Der yeshiva bukher (The Yeshiva Student)", according to I. Solotorefsky (the role of "Esterke"), and she had together with H. Weissman sung Yiddish couplets into a gramophone.

L.'s son, from actor L. Zhelazo, Simkha (Sasha) Lipovski, acts on the Yiddish stage, writes compositions and has created a five-thousand year calendar.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1097.

You can read her second "Lexicon" biography in the martyr's edition, Vol.5.

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