Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


M. Osherowitz


Born on 14 January 1888 in Trostyanets. Podolsk, Ukraine. Father -- a poor, single store owner. Until age thirteen he learned in a cheder, then as an extern. At the age of seventeen, he began to be interested in the theatre and there came with the itinerant Yiddish troupes the opportunity to perform in "roles" when an actor could not go on. After traveling with the actors, he founded with the intelligentsia of the town, an "amateur" group, and staged Libin's "Gebrokhene hertser".

Then he left to migrate to foreign lands. He went across Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and he returned home, traveling to A"Y, and he came back to Russia where he served for year in the military.

In the beginning of 1910 he arrived in America with the idea of becoming a Yiddish actor, but due to his family situation, he could not realize it. He worked in a shop. In 1909 he debuted with a song in Bader's collection book "Shtraln", and then he began to publish literary work in various periodic editions. Since 1914 he has been a constant contributor to the "Forward", where he published (also in the "Veker") an entire series of articles, biographies, character portraits and monographs of Yiddish and non-Yiddish actors.

In 1918 he debuted with the comedy "Yo farheyrat -- nit farheyrat", a comedy of Jewish-Bohemian life, from him and Kh. Gottesfeld, staged by Schildkraut and Shnitzer.

 Then he wrote the dramatic operetta "Tsarevitsh fyodor" (staged with music by Rumshinsky in the Second Avenue Theatre), a translated Yevreaynov's "Hoyptzar" (staged in the Irving Place Theatre), Alexei Tolstoy and Pavel Shtsheglov's drama "Rasputin un di tsaritsa" (staged by the "Vilna Troupe" in the Lipzin Theatre), Yuri Yurin's drama "Der kenig in shmates" (staged by Thomashefsky), and the two not performed translations, "A kush durkh radio" by Yevreynov, and "Danton's Death" by Alexei Tolstoy.

On 23 January 1928 in the National Theatre, there was staged by Samuel Goldenburg O.'s drama "Elchasnador Pushkin's Libes".

O. wrote a large monographic work about David Kessler as an actor and human being for "Archive of the History of Yiddish Theatre", issued by "YIVO" (edited by Dr. Y. Shatzky). The same work with additional chapters, together with a monograph about Muni Weisenfreund, he prepared for publishing in a separate book.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 1, page 113.

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