Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


A. Samberg
[Itzhak-Ayzik Samborek]


Born on 22 February 1889 in Warsaw, Poland, in a well-to-do family. Through his father's cousin, the actor and theatre conductor Avraham-Yitzhak Kaminski, he performed in the Yiddish theatre, where he debuted on 7 September 1907 in Warsaw's Jardin d'Hiver. Since then, S. has for a long time acted in dramatic and character roles in the drama, then he went over to the operettas, participating with Clara Young.

Since 1920 he rejected the shund repertoire and was one of the organizers of Warsaw's Central Theatre, where he participated in the direction of the pure Yiddish and European repertoire, attracting special attention from the press and theatre public in the title role of Sholem Asch's "Motke the Thief", and for Gogol's "Revizor".

In the summer of 1923 he joined the "Vilna Troupe", with whom he went on tour across Romania, where he directed Sholem Aleichem's "Dos groyse gevins (The Big Winner)" (acting in the role of "Shimele sororker"), and (together with L. Kadison) Berger's "Mbul", and in 1924 in Bucharest, Moliere's "Der karger (The Miser)" (acting in the title role).

For a certain time S. retired from the "Vilna Troupe", and went around guest-starring through various troupes. 1928 - he rejoined the "Vilna Troupe" when he arrived in Warsaw, and there he performed under the direction of Dr. Michael Weichert in Sholem

Asch's "Kidush hashem" (role of "Mendl arendar"), then under the direction of David Herman in Levinson's "Di veyberishe kniplekh", and in Peretz's "Beynakht oyfn altn mark" (role of "Lts"), and under the direction of M Weichert in Shakespeare's "Shylock" (title role).

Spring 1923 -- went off to Argentina, where he began to guest-star in May 1923 in Buenos Aires' Olympia Theatre as "Motke ganef". Then he directed here and acted in the main role in "The Miser", "God of Vengeance", "Day and Night", "The Big Winner", "Shylock", "The Inspector General (Der revizor)", "Shlomke sharlatan", "Unter velt (Underworld)", by Langer, "Der farsholtener" by Bielaya, Sholem Asch's "Kidush Hashem", and then went to guest-star across the Jewish colonies of Argentina, and from here went to Brazil and Uruguay.

Returning to Europe, he guest-starred over Poland and directed in Warsaw Paul Lindoy's "Prokuratur halers" {"Der andere"]. Acting in the title role, then he guest-starred in Riga's Yiddish Meutim Theatre, staging his repertoire. Returning to Poland, in August 1930, he joined Warsaw's Novoshtshi Theatre, performing as "Robespierre" in M. Weichert's offering of Bikhner's "Danton's Death". He further guest-starred in Riga and then over Poland, and he joined Warsaw's "Vin't", where he performed on 25 April 1930 in Kaminski's Theatre in the title role of David Bergelson's "Der toyber".

Fall 1932 -- traveled to America, where he performed on 17 November 1912 in Brooklyn's Gaiety Theatre (Director: Boris Thomashefsky) in his offering of Moliere's "Gvald meyn geld" -- "Der karger [The Miser]" -- and on 23 November 1932 in Bergelson's "Der toyber", with which he finished his guest-starring in America and, after performing in the Yiddish Art Theatre under the direction of Maurice Schwartz as "Motke ganef", he left America.

S. had -- as an individual Yiddish actor -- took part in the Polish film "Pan tadeush" by Mitzkevitsh (in the role of "Yankel Tsimbalist").

He more often was a member of management, and also chairman of the Yiddish Actors Union in Poland.

Sh. E.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1438.

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