Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Rae Shneyer
(Khiene Reyzl Peyman)


Sh. was born in 1877 in Bobt, Kovno Gubernia. Her father was grain merchant, a maskhil. She learned Yiddish. At the age of twelve she came with her mother and family to her father, who had earlier immigrated to America. Here for a short time she attended school, but soon she lost the desire to learn, and through her older sister became a member in a dramatic club. Due to the partnership of her parents to her acting, she entered into work in a cigar factory and in the evening "running to tryouts". She debuted as "Babele" in "Di farblondzshete neshama". She became familiar with professional actors and with them went away to act in theatre.

Professionally she began with Kristol and Bergshteyn in Cleveland, where she acted for a season, then two seasons with Glickman in Chicago, where she was introduced to actor Sam Shneyer, with whom she married and acted, since then together with him, a certain time in vaudeville in New York, then a season with Mike Thomashevsky in Philadelphia, later seven to eight seasons with David Kessler, Teilman in leading roles for women, including one season in the Lipzin Theatre with Keni Lipzin, and again she returned with Kessler, a half season with Anshel Schorr in Philadelphia, and then she went over to Gabel's in New York. Later several seasons in the "Irving Place Theatre", "McKinley Square Theatre", and Detroit and in various other cities, crossing over from dramatic to mother roles.


Sh. had acted in the role of "Mrs. Galkin" in "Style", "Madame Herming" in the "Der yidisher gloybn", "Rivka' In "Yankel der shmid".

About her acting in Nathanson's "Der yidisher gloybn", Moshe Nadir wrote:

"Madame Shneyer was an exceptionally good Madame Herming, ill, disturbed, gervez, sharp, going on".

Sh. participated in the film "Libe un leydenshaft (Love and Passion)", scenario by Isidore Zolotarevsky.

Sh.'s son, Nathan (by her first husband, the actor Morgenbesser), is a cashier in a theatre.

On 3 December 1953 Sh. passed away in New York.

M. E.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 4, page 3048.

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