The Zambrów Yizkor Book
The English Translation

Courtesy of the United Zembrover Society

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Director's Statement


The Zambrów Rynek (Town Square)

The United Zembrover Society welcomes you to the online version of its English translation of the Zambrów Yizkor Book, or Book of Remembrance. The UZS is one of a dwindling number of still-active landsmanshaftn (mutual aid societies), more than one hundred members strong. Most all of our current members are proud descendants of Zembrovers. We each feel a need to stay connected to our heritage, and because of this meet twice per year to share our common bond, to do what we can to preserve the memory of our beloved "ancestral town." Our society is still going strong, more than one hundred years after it was first established.

The Zambrów Yizkor Book was first published in 1963 by the combined societies of those who were descended from the Jewish community of Zambrów, Poland.  Zambrów was a once-vibrant community which, like so many Jewish communities that once existed in Europe, was wiped out by those who once sought our complete annihilation. These descendants of Zembrovers-- both those who were born and once lived in Zambrów, as well as those who were their progeny -- at the time of publication lived in various parts of the world such as the United States, Israel and Argentina.

This Yizkor Book does an excellent job in preserving the memory of the past history of Zambrów town, from its origin and the first sign of Jews in the community (at least in the early seventeenth century), to the presentation of a plethora of accounts of various aspects of Jewish life there, as well as colorful descriptions of many personages of Jewish faith who once populated Zambrów.

The original version of the Zambrów Yizkor Book was written in two languages. Most of the stories told within this tome have been written in both Yiddish and Hebrew. If one were to read both versions, one would find very much the same version, though there may be some minor differences. One might find some small additions and subtractions in text, as well as some corrections nogted by the Yizkor Book's dedicated editor, Dr. Yom-Tov Levinsky, a fellow Zembrover. When there is a significant difference in the Yiddish and Hebrew versions, it is noted and explained within the footnotes that are provided.

The English translation of the Zambrow Yizkor Book has been fully translated. You may purchase said book from the United Zembrover Society, by contacting its board member Chanan Kessler at The fee for this book is fifty dollars, plus shipping.

In my capacity as Founder and Director of the Museum, I would also like to urge each of you to visit the Museum of Family History's World Jewish Communities Zambrów exhibition when you have the time. Here you will find much more material about our beloved town.

Once again, the Board members of the United Zembrover Society welcomes you and wishes that you enjoy reading about the town of our ancestors.

Best wishes for a long and happy life,
Steven Lasky

Founder and Director
Museum of Family History

First Vice-President
United Zembrover Society

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