The Zambrów Yizkor Book
The English Translation

Courtesy of the United Zembrover Society

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Please note that the Table of Contents below corresponds to the original form of the hardcover Yizkor Book.
Once the English translation has been completed, a full Table of Contents, with links that correspond to the layout of the new English translation, will replace the original Table of Contents below.

Meanwhile, you can see much of the contents of the Yizkor Book below. If you're looking for a particular section of the translation, you can browse through these web pages and find the part you are looking for.

It has been proposed to translate the English version of this Yizkor Book into Polish, a project that hopefully will be taken up by the city of Zambrow itself. This is a wonderful opportunity to form a bond between the Jewish descendants of Zambrow and those who currently live there, as well as those who will live there in future generations. Let this be a model for other communities in Poland, the United States and elsewhere to do the same. We, the descendants of Zembrovers, are very pleased that an interest has been expressed by those in Zambrow to participate in this worthwhile endeavor, and look forward to working with them and forming a bond between us.


Zambrów YB




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