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The Silver Screen: The Film Career of Al Jolson

      GO INTO YOUR DANCE, 1935   

"Go Into Your Dance" was the only film that Al Jolson and his third wife Ruby Keeler acted in together. Released on April 20, 1935, Jolson plays Al Howard, a Broadway star. However, he is irresponsible, gambles, and is lots of trouble to his producers, as he jaunts down to Mexico when he has the whim, even if it is during the run of a show. Howard's sister teams him up with Dorothy (Ruby, who is very talented. He becomes successful, wants to open up a club, borrows the money for it from a gangster whose girlfriend wants Al Howard...

The film contains such well-known songs as "A Quarter to Nine" and "A Latin from Manhattan."
















This exhibition was made possible in part with the cooperation of the International Al Jolson Society.


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