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Entertaining our Troops
Jolson at the Front:
the Second World War




From the book, "Mistah Jolson," by Al Jolson's older brother Hirsch (Harry):

"Al was the perfect male entertainer for young men. His vivacious enthusiasm, his joyousness and energy aroused them to an almost frenzied response. Most of those boys never had seen great stars except on the screen. To attend a performance by Al Jolson, in person, prepared and given especially for them, was an experience they would never forget. Some day they will tell their grandchildren about him."
  On October 1, 1946, Al Jolson received a scroll with a citation from the American Veteran's Committee. Click on the earphones icon to hear a short sound clip of the actual presentation.







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This exhibition was made possible in part with the cooperation of the International Al Jolson Society.


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