A Photographer's Life


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late 1920s

Moisei Arenberg was a professional photographer whose career spanned nearly six decades. He left his home in Tiraspol, Moldova in the mid 1890s in order to begin his study and training in photography in Kishinev (Chisinau), Moldova. He later moved back to Tiraspol, the place of his birth, where he raised a family with his first wife Zhenia. Together they raised three fine children who were well educated, well read and accomplished in their own right. With his second wife Anna, Moisei raised two more boys and lived for the most part in Samarkand, Uzbekistan until his passing. His brother Alexandre Arenberg was also very accomplished, and was renown as a reporter and journalist in Odessa, Ukraine.

The high quality photographs that appear in this exhibition and the historical background that accompanies them will perhaps give you an understanding of the difficult times that Moisei and his family lived in, as well as the obstacles they managed to overcome to achieve the successes they did. Perhaps it will also motivate you to look once again through your own photo albums, to see if you can create such a pictorial display of the multiple generational history of your own family's life, as the one you will see in this special exhibition.

Moisei passed away in Samarkand in 1951, leaving for his children, grandchildren and future generations a long and warm memory of him, along with a treasured legacy of high-quality, family photographs that well document the life of the Arenberg family and the spirit of these remote times.





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