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The Jewish Ghetto
Łódź, Poland


The Łódź Ghetto Cemetery
Burial Lists

Courtesy of the Łódź Jewish community through the agency of Yad LeZehava (YZI) in Kedumim Israel
and with the dedicated cooperation of the officers and men in the IDF 'Witnesses in Uniform' Program.

The list of those buried in the Łódź cemetery is a partial one; hopefully more names will be added in the future.
You can also see the Museum's main Łódź page by clicking here.

You can search the databases in two ways, either by cemetery section (then sorted by grave number), or by the first letter
of the deceased's surname. Please use the links below and be patient while you wait for the webpage to download.


Łódź Ghetto Cemetery Map

You can see in the map above the Jewish Ghetto Cemetery sections and thus can determine which of these sections correspond to those worked on by the Israeli Army and for which the burial database was created for.

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