Through the Eye of the Needle:
Fabric of Survival


The Fabric Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz

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" July 1940. I had heard that the Nazis had a dentist in their camp, so when I developed a terrible toothache, I got one of my Polish friends to go to the camp with me. Since the Germans wouldn't have helped me if they had known I was Jewish, I taught my friend to say, in German, 'My sister has a toothache.' After the dentist took out my tooth, he gave me a bar of chocolate. When I got home, my mother was shocked that I had had the nerve to go to the Nazis for help."


                                              Embroidery and fabric collage, 1997.
                                                                             29-1/4"W x 33"H.

        Gallery narration by Esther's daughters.


The Dentist.





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