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Łapy, Poland
Where Once There Were Jews

The Railroad Industry in Łapy


A section of railway line that ran between Łapy and Bialystok was built in 1861-2; this section that ran through Łapy was one of the line's busiest routes. The railway line itself  that ran through Łapy was part of the Warsaw-Petersburg Rail. At that time, the railway station was built as was a depot for the locomotives. At first just a single track ran through the town; later a second track was built. When the railway line Brześć-Ostrołęka-Grajewo-Łapy was completed, Łapy became an important cog within the railway system. Having such a railroad run through Łapy created a certain degree of wealth and status for those who could profit from it.

Initially the trains that ran through Łapy ran on a single-track; a second track was added at the end of the nineteenth century. Łapy was one of the towns along the route that built workshops; Łapy had one of the bigger ones.

During the interwar period Łapy, by the banks of the Narew River, developed greatly. This happened in no small measure because the service plant at the Łapy railway station expanded.  In the early to mid-twenties, a many railway specialists, building engineers, machine engineers, as well as many others from surrounding villages moved to Łapy because of the development of the railway plant. Thus Łapy became a big industrial area, populated with not only railway specialists, but worker-laborers too.

The ruins of the railroad workshop of Łapy after
the withdrawal of the Germans on 6 August 1944.

Gathering charity for poorer families,
railway men, during the interwar period.

The inside of the railway workshops in Łapy.

The railway workshops during the interwar period in Łapy.

Blessing of the mechanical department of
the railway workshops, 3 May 1919. in Łapy.

Railway station in Łapy, built in 1862;
photo taken during the interwar period.

Carnival ball in the hall, which acted as centers for
the railway workers in Łapy during the interwar period.

Building used by the German
railway authorities in 1944
during the German Occupation.

The inside of the railway workshops in Łapy.

Shifter for steam locomotives in the railway
workshops in Łapy during the interwar period.





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